This is a picture of my Springfield Collection dolls and an Ideal Crissy doll from the 70s. Since I grew up in the 70s, I made my Springfield Collection doll, Julie, a 70s girl. Back in the 70s, we had Ben Cooper costumes that were plastic masks and plastic smocks or jumpsuits. My doll Julie is dressed as Wonder Woman. My “foster children” dolls, Tracie and Wendy, are dressed as Batgirl and Cinderella. (they’ll be donated to a toy drive this December). My Crissy doll is dressed as the cartoon version of I Dream Of Jeannie. These costumes were made from plastic bags, an old rain poncho, print outs of the logos or characters, and acrylic paint. The masks are direct copies of Ben Cooper masks from the 70s. I even made a video on YouTube called “Halloween 1974” if you want to check it out. (use Springfield Collection doll as your search heading). Happy Halloween! Submitted by Sharry.