Happy October!!! Are you ready for some fun?? It is time for the Doll Diaries Halloween Parade.

How do you enter? Go to the Doll Diaries Halloween Entry page to upload your photo. Then return here to see your entry into the Halloween Parade and everyone else’s photos, too! Photos are not automatically entered – I have to approve each one, so check back often to see the new entries.

Click on the images to view them larger and on their own page (where you can comment separately on each photo).

Week 1 entries are now closed! Here is the video compilation of all this week’s entries plus the winners.

Don’t forget to enter a new photo each week the entire month of October!!

*Note – Winners will be notified by email. Char, Karen & Alex17 may add photos to the parade each week, but don’t worry, we are not eligible for the drawing at the end of the week.