Karen here! Happy Halloween I wanted to be a part of the Parade too this year! Here is part 2 of our Halloween Parade!


Linda Reynolds: Kirsten as a Minion and McKenna as a Mermaid I love the hand made goggles!

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Clara sent in her photo of her H4H doll Surjan as a pirate!

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Peace sent in this picture of her doll. “After taking pictures in the pumpkin patch, it started to rain! Lydia hopes it won’t be raining on Halloween!”

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Lacy sent in her photo of Mia as Darth Vader!
Mia’s Darth Vader costume is too chic to be scary! Still, with red lightsaber in hand, I wouldn’t try to take away her Halloween candy!”

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Anna Catherine sent in Tiana is a graduate for Halloween this year!  (


Clara also sent in this one of her doll as a pretty princess! I love the lighting! “My doll Ava is a beautiful princess this Halloween!”

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Lauren sent in this photo of her dolls. “Grace admires Princess Kate so much she decided to be her for Halloween! Of course, what is a princess without a prince? So Grace asked Kit if she would be her Prince William and Kit agreed!”

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Lauren EM Sent in “The Maddest Hatter of them all!”

” Nellie is sporting a mini-hat from Disneyland and a costume made of a mish-mash of other doll’s clothes! Her bow is from Emily’s Christmas dress, her shirt is a custom reaping day shirt for Peeta (from the Hunger Games), the sash is a belt from the martial arts outfit, she wears Julie’s dog walking pants, Grace’s shoes, hand-knitted socks and an assortment of hair ribbons and bows! I had so much fun making this outfit, I hope you enjoy it too!”

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Madelon sets up a wonderful Halloween Hearth! Lots of lovely details Madelon!


Hannah sent in her photo of Grace , “?Grace decided to be Little red riding hood for Halloween.”

Pine Valley Girls Club sent in this photo of McKenna, “McKenna is so excited to dress up as Fluttershy from MLP this Halloween. Costume made by Honey.”
Lyn sent in her Dolls wearing Handmade Angry Birds Costumes! I love how yours turned out and hope you liked our tutorial! The party looks like so much fun!
Sent in from Melangell.  “My A Girl for All Time dolls are ready to go trick or treating.  Happy Halloween!”