Karen here and today I was having fun playing with my Madame Alexander Dolls hair and remembered a hairstyle I used to love doing when I was younger and had long hair. To do this hairstyle on your dolls hair you will need:

  • Your long haired doll
  • An elastic
  • Your doll’s hairbrush
  • A holiday print ribbon
  • A bobby pin

Step 1- Brush your dolls hair and pull it back into a low pony tail at the base of her neck.

Step 2- Use your finger to create a “hole” in her hair just above the elastic.

Step 3- With one hand take the bulk of the pony tail and pull it up towards the top of your dolls head, then push it through the hole. Pull it gently down into place and the hair will twist as it goes hiding the hair elastic.

To make a holiday hair bow for the back of your dolls flip you will need to tie a bow like you do on your shoes. Feed a bobby pin through the back of the bow as shown in the photo above and pull it to the end of the bobby pin. Slide it into your dolls hair at the base of the flip and your dolls Halloween Holiday Hair Style is complete!