Gymnastics leotards for dolls is certainly nothing new – American Girl has had two versions of a leotard and warmup outfit in the past and I have seen leotard companies selling doll sized leotards at competitions for years, however, with McKenna the GOTY 2012 being a gymnast, I am thinking we will see a whole lot more in the coming year. After all, a gymnast can not have just one leotard. Just look in my daughter Megan’s closet! She has been a gymnast since she was a baby and I have lost count of how many leotards I have bought for her over the years. And, you can’t expect to have a doll gymnastics practice with McKenna being the only one in a leotard!!

gymnastics leotards for American Girl dolls

I know that there is no way I have found all the places you can find leotards for your dolls, HOWEVER, these are my current favorites and I will certainly add to this list as the year goes on.

1. Snowflake Leotards – this is a company I have bought Megan leotards from for years. They do great work and are affordable, too. Currently they have 17 different doll sized leotards to choose from and also sell doll sized grips for bars.

2 & 7. Lil Fliprz – Teresa’s Etsy store carries THE BEST doll leotards I have seen anywhere! She does custom designs and her leotard designs are what the girls are wearing in the gym NOW. I saw a leotard in her store a few months ago and wish I would have bought it then as it is an exact match to one of Megan’s favorite workout leos. Add to that, Teresa and I have a lot of other things in common (like coaching TOPS gymnasts and being Moms), and that makes her my go-to source.

3. Lynniejo – Lynniejo is another Etsy seller who has made a really cute competition style leotard for dolls.

4. Terristouch – How could you not love all those cuties dressed in their gym leos? Terristouch has quite a few high quality leotard designs in her shop right now.

5. Maplelea – The Fantastic Gymnastics outfit from Maplelea will fit American Girl dolls and other 18″ play dolls, too. It comes with beam shoes (which real gymnasts rarely wear by the way) and a purple gym bag.

6. My Dolls Life – There are a few gymnastics leotards available on the My Dolls Life website, but this is the one I like best. It comes with a jacket and a bag, too.

7. See #2

8. SpeedyCat – Another Etsy seller who obviously loves gymnastics. SpeedyCat has a few nice choices of leotards in her store right now.

Other places you can look include Ebay or Dollabee. Or if you are feeling adventurous – download this free pattern from Liberty Jane Patterns and make gymnastics leotards of your own. If you sell doll leotards and want us to do a review on your product specifically, contact me at