We are getting together with some friends on Friday to  have an Isabelle movie watching party – complete with some crafts – but first, I thought I would share  guest review of the movie from Sydney.


Last night, my BFF and I were bored because there was a thunderstorm. We were surfing online and then, we found out that the Isabelle movie was out on Apple TV for 19 dollars and 99 cents if you wanted to watch it early. We waited all year to watch it, so we couldn’t pass up that opportunity! Here is my review:

It was about Isabelle’s worries about the Nutcracker. If she isn’t good enough, then she won’t get to have a whole summer of ballet in New York! The director put a lot of heart in that movie.

It was also pretty sad. At the end, we were all crying happy tears, well, my sister, at least. Me and my BFF felt the tears coming, but it never happened. My mom said to my sister, “You cry at American Girl, but you don’t cry at Ghost?” We will never know why my sister cried at a kid movie instead of a PG-13 movie.

The movie kept us dancing. Why don’t they play this movie at dance class to make kids dance instead of warming up? We were dancing during the movie, and even after. Before the movie, my mom turned on Radio Disney. We didn’t even check for a post credits scene! We turned off the TV, went to the kitchen, and started doing ballet. I even did that speedy pirouette that Isabelle did at the dance battle perfectly! Beware, if you don’t want to dance, then don’t watch the movie.

Overall, it was pretty good. In fact, it was as good as Despicable Me, maybe better! And it was better than, get ready for it… THE LEGO MOVIE, the highest grossing movie of the year so far! 4 out of 5, 8 out of 10. You should watch it, it’s a must!

Have you watched it yet? What do you think of Isabelle’s movie?