Can you believe that the afternoon game of kickball has been postponed due to rain – and its only the second day of camp! Your dolls will need some rainy day activities, like board games, crafts and movies. If you look at places like Five Below or the dollar store you can sometimes find keychain versions of our favorite board games, but you can also make a board game for your dolls using items you already have on hand.

Guest Counselor Lauren is going to take over from here.


  • paper
  • markers or color pens
  • sissors
  • pink eraser
  • pencil eraser toppers

The paper in this picture is already cut

Step 1: Take your paper and cut it to a doll game board size – about 3 inches by three inches
Step 2: Using markers or colored pencils, draw your design onto the game board – it can be a real game design or one you make up

Step 3:  Take your pink eraser cut off one of the slants. Then cut off a piece about a 1/2 inch and cut that in half

Now you should have 2 cubes of eraser. These will be the dice.

Add dots to each side.

On the sides add the following amount of dots to one of the sides
now they should look like this

Your doll board game is now complete you use the pencil toppers as playing pieces and your dolls are ready to play.

Thanks Lauren! This looks like fun!

A few years ago we featured an easy way to make a doll checkers game set and it is a free printable – you can add it to your doll game collection, too – Printable Doll Checkers Game.

What are your favorite rainy day activities?