Julie and Ivy had a tie dye party and each made a shirt.

These best friends are right at home wearing tie dye because they are 70’s girls through and through.

Tie dye isn’t just for the 70’s, these bright splashes of color are just as cool today!

Summer is the best time to have your own tie dye party!  I love summer projects and crafts and this one is a favorite!   Tie dye is perfect under a shady tree in the grass.  Twist and tie a shirt and add color.  My favorite part is discovering the design the next day when you open it up to see the splash of color!   It never gets old!

Be sure to read the tie dye package directions first, but here is a list of supplies to get you started on your fantastic tie dye party:

  • tie dye (like these easy kits from i love to create)
  • cotton shirts (get a doll size one here.)
  • rubber bands
  • plastic gloves
  • water

Enjoy your own tie dye party and make matching shirts for you and your dolls!