Groovy Girls Dreamtastic FairyWe were rearranging the playroom today and my daughter spied the bin of Groovy Girls. She hasn’t had nearly enough time to play with some of her favorite toys since starting Kindergarten, and when she saw the Groovy Girls bin she was so happy. We brought it down and she immediately pulled them all out and spent hours today using her imagination, playing with these cute dolls.

As a Mom, I love Groovy Girls because they have spunk, but are still are very appropriate. They have lots of fun clothes and accesories, but not a ton of tiny plastic pieces. My daughter loves them because they are easy to dress and they are funky.

Groovy Girls CarToday Princess Lucinda and Noella went by horse and carriage to the mall, then all the dolls had a dance, and played with the horses – all without leaving the playroom. I asked her what else her Groovy Girls need, and she said a car – because the horse just can’t carry them all – they are too heavy.

Here are some of the Groovy Girl items I am considering getting her for Christmas or her birthday: