Great Find – Making Doll Clothes from Duct Tape Video

My friend Heather from sent me a link to this great video on how to make clothes for your fashion dolls – like Monster High and Barbie – from duct (duck) tape. The video is very well made and you can certainly use it as inspiration for creating more items for your dolls. It would take some experimentation, but I think you could apply this “pattern” to other dolls like BFC Ink, Moxie and possibly American Girl.

What do you think? I think the outfits turned out fantastic!

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  1. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I have been meaning to finish up a directors chair out of pencils and duct tape.

  2. Cool Secondie

  3. I can’t see the vide!

  4. *video

  5. Thirdie I’m not a big fan of this idea but this is my opinion but I like the designs though:-)

  6. Sorry fourthie

  7. I like the part where the lady goes when she’s explaining the duct tape “You know, quack quack?”

  8. I know – that is funny!

  9. Those are awesome! Monster High is awesome…their clothes…not so much. :)

  10. Cool! In the AG Magazine(it said on the back of the January/Febuary issue) they’re going to show how to make other things out of duct tape. I don’t know if its for the dolls or not.. I guess we’ll see! Lol!

  11. seventhie!!! this looks awesome!! To bad I dont have any ducttape laying around.

  12. Princess Belle says:

    Char, have you read the Monster High books? They are teen novels that are very, very, loosely based on the dolls and website created by Mattel. I think you or your daughter should give them a try- I have the first three.
    Alos, my American Girl catalogue arrived today!!! 😀 This is my first ever one, and although I don’t have a doll, I really like McKenna. Me and Taryn will have to look through it a billion times! 😀

  13. Well, I LOVE Duck (quack, quack) tape. I use it on almost all my crafts nowadays! And I have been making some clothing for AG and BFC INK out of it. I love this video and think she did an amazing job. I think I will be making some duck tape clothes for my girls Monster High Dolls this weekend.

  14. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Hey Char, can I have the link to the page where Karen shows us how to make socks for our dolls out of children’s socks?

  15. Hailey Gould says:

    I did a video like this for american girl dolls it was a tutorial for a duct tape skirt and dress my username
    Is pupluver98 go watch my videos

  16. cool the dolls are kind of creepy Lol

  17. i didnt even read the title for this pin it, im a monster high freak and when i saw the picture i automatically clicked it. but yeah, these are really cute.


  18. Char- do you think you do these for AG dolls? I was thinking you maybe you could, but i wanted to see what you thought!