And now, a photo story from Grace:

Hi! I’m Grace and today my dolls at the Dougsworth orphanage got the day off school and were bored so they composed a play for you! Enjoy!

“Hey Mom,” said Kirsten “my friend Avery is Sara Crew in the Little Princess in the downtown theater today! Can Rosie and I go see her perform?”
“Sure!” said Mom
“Sounds great!” said Rosie who was enjoying some orange juice and cherry pastries.

“Hey look,” said Rosie “My friend Norisa is Miss Minchin!”
Both girls agreed their friend Avery was an excellent Sara Crew.

Kirsten and Avery knew right away Becky and Sara would be great friends!

“Oh! Poor Sara!” cried Rosie right as the curtains closed for intermission.
“I wonder what will happen to her,” said Kirsten, “but since its intermission, lets get some snacks.

“Mmm, mini cherry cakes!” exclaimed Rosie, while Kirsten picked out some sugar cookies.

They were right about Becky and Sara being great friends and they were so glad the play had a happy ending.

Cast List:

  • Karen (antique doll): Mom and baker with stand
  • Kirsten (retired historical AG) as herself
  • Rosie (baby doll used as 5-year-old cancer patient): as herself
  • Avery (MAG 25): as herself playing Sara Crew
  • Norisa (MAG 21): as herself playing Miss Minchin and Becky

 Thanks, Grace! You did a great job on your photostory!!