Today I have 3 dolls and 3 different looks, all with Grace’s Travel Coat.  There’s 2 questions today who wore it best and who styled it best?  Your answer may be the same or it may be different for each!

First up is Madison.  She is wearing a pink dress and pink flats with the blue coat.  The black and pink cat purse adds a fun and playful touch to the outfit.

Graces Coat-19

What do you think of Madison’s Pink and Playful look?

Graces Coat-20

Next Kit loves the idea of this coat being an everyday staple.  After all it is warm and keeps out the chill of fall, so why not wear it everyday?

Graces Coat-10

What do you think of Kit’s Everyday Casual look?

Graces Coat-18

Ivy wears the coat with her school girl outfit.  She thinks it looks classic and trendy paired with the high boots, pleated skirt and a beret.

Graces Coat-6

What do you think of Ivy’s School Girl Fashion look?

Graces Coat

So, who wore Grace’s light blue travel coat best?  Did you love it on Madison, Kit or Ivy?

As for the style, who styled the coat best?  This may be the same doll but maybe not!  Maybe you would like to see Ivy’s style on Kit, or Madison’s style on Ivy.  Did you love Pink and Playful, Everyday Casual, or School Girl Fashion?

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • DollsMadison is from Springfield Collection, Kit is a Beforever doll from American Girl, Ivy is a retired Beforever doll from American Girl.
  • Outfits-Madison is wearing a dress made by Anna (tutorial here), cat purse (tutorial here), and pink shoes from American Girl.  Kit is wearing Saiges’ leggings and shoes.  Ivy is wearing her beret, and Rebecca’s dress and boots.

Enjoy fashion, enjoy dolls!