Gotz Mini Dolls

Rhonda of Living a Doll’s Life and the AG Minis of Snickerdoodle Street knows her mini dolls! Last week she introduced us to the Battat Minis and this week she is getting us familiar with the Gotz Mini dolls you can find at Pottery Barn Kids.


Doll collectors are familiar with the highly respected Gotz brand. Gotz is known for beautiful dolls with a heavy emphasis on quality. Pottery Barn began selling 18” PBK Gotz dolls in 2010 then added the Mini Me dolls to their collection.

Similar to the 18” PBK dolls the minis are the 6.5” equivalent: Ashleigh (blond), Marianne (brunette), Megan (red hair) and Maya (African American). The cherub faced minis are adorable with rooted hair, beautiful face paint and a closed mouth expression. Both the hands and feet are very detailed; the limbs are a little thicker than American Girl minis.

Made entirely of vinyl they are sturdy and very easy to dress. The head swivels, but unlike American Girl and Battat minis, these dolls can only swing their arms front to back and are unable to extend their arms outward. Gotz Mini Me dolls remind me of the baby faced Madame Alexander dolls, with cherub features such as lined hands, wrists, knees and ankles. Worth noting is the navel on the belly and a well defined “bottom”.

Each mini comes dressed in a personalized outfit complete with cotton dress, panties, ballet flats and a cross body purse (felt). The clothing is very good quality and can easily fit other 6.5” minis.

Currently I own three of the four that are available and will soon add both Maya and the Limited Edition 2013 Birthday mini to my collection. These dolls will make a great addition to your already mini collection and may be easier to both dress and position for smaller hands during play time.


I have looked at the PBK Gotz minis before but I am going to definitely give them a closer look next time we are in the store. Thanks Rhonda for this great feature!

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  1. Cool! When will the winners of the contest be posted?

  2. These are cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. They are really cute! I love the brunette doll. :)

  4. Candy Corn says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a gotz mini doll so I enjoyed reading this post. Besides for Pottery Barn is there any other places that you could get a gotz doll in America?

  5. agzebradancer (original Chloe) says:

    that’s really cool! I just might have to get a doll or two after mini saige!

  6. lanielover says:

    I actually was tempted to get one because I was just recently there…but I am saving up for the new AG stuff.

  7. Aww, these dolls are adorable! I especially like the redhead.

  8. sabrina says:

    Love them

  9. I love PBK!! There’s not at least two items from them in my room and th kitchen!: )

  10. Molly W. says:

    Adorable! Can they be purchased online?

  11. So cute!!! Char- when will the winners be posted for the photo contest?

  12. Cute!

  13. They are cute! Are they exclusive to pbk?

  14. Ava – in the US they are

  15. sabrina says: