One of our readers, Lyric, made a good find this week and wanted to share it with us. She rescued a Gotz doll from Goodwill and has now found a new doll line to collect.

In her words:

Yesterday I was at  Goodwill looking around and guess what I found?! A Gotz doll!! Her hair was pretty bad as you can see:

Gotz doll

This is exactly what she looked like when I found her. She had on the dress with the sweater and she even had on underwear! I think it was a great deal – she was only $4.00!!  As soon as I got home and had a chance I gave her a bath.  She had some paint or something on her leg and arm and I scrubbed it off.

How big is a Gotz doll compared to an American Girl doll?

After her bath I brushed her hair and clipped back part of her bangs and left the other half down so that it looks like she has side bands. Then I took a picture of her next to Kanani before I dressed her to compare her to an American Girl doll. Her legs and feet are exactly the same as American Girl dolls but she has a hard body.

Gotz doll

Then I dressed her and took another picture. I named her Megan like you daughter! She is sooooo cute and she has such a sweet face!!! I really want to get some more Gotz dolls now!!!

**Awww, thanks Lyric for naming your sweet new doll after my daughter. My daughter has blonde hair with side bangs, too, so it was a good choice.