It is time for some more Gotz education and cute overload by Diana!

The first few photos are from the current line of all vinyl Gotz Doll that is only sold by retailers in the UK (no retailers here in the USA) called Happy Kidz. They are 9 jointed dolls very well made, super hair, 19.5 inches tall and can wear some of the AG clothes.

This is Emily, she came with straight hair, but now it is curly.  Blonde with brown eyes.

Emily adores horses and so does her friend Sophie. Sophie has redhair with brown eyes.

Close up of Sophie

Here is a comparison between the older Gotz and the newer Gotz dolls. Both face molds are by Hildegard Gunzel.

The moment I saw Anna, I knew she needed to be with me, so when I contacted her owner she found that Anna had a major issue her legs had changed colors. I decided to get her anyways and Christel, her original owner, agree to sell her and sent her to me.  Christel had mentioned that if I were a dealer I could possibly get replacement legs, so I started my search. A miracle occurred!

Here is Anna upon arrival, Christel sent her to me wearing this beautiful pantsuit that she made. Thank you Christel! You can see that one of her legs is a different color from the other one.

  I styled her hair as soon as she arrived and added shoes and socks to hide her legs being a different color.

New legs arrived from the Gotz company, our friend Maxine was able to make the miracle happen.  She contacted Gotz (Silke) and I was able to purchase new legs for Anna.  Legs arrived and I replaced them within 5-10 minutes.  Here is Anna getting her morning tea and showing off her new legs.  Thank you Maxine and Silke (Gotz company)!

Here are the old legs, look at the differance in color.  Although the new legs have a very slight color difference from the body, it is not noticable when wearing clothes, and now both legs match.

Anna will always have a special place in my home, and a reminder that all dolls deserve a second chance.

I wanted to take a few of the most recent years Gotz dolls and put them together in a picture.  You can say they are cousins, since they are all from the same baseline of dolls from Gotz.  They are considered 18-19 inches, all vinyl.  As with all companies, with time they try different things, so here Anna has painted eyes, while the others have glass eyes.  Also the newest body molds have 9 joints like Emily and Sophie which are from 2012.

A closer look at their face molds – they are not all the same, even the ones produced in 2012, Emily and Sophie.

Sophie has gotten hooked on Camp Diaries, and even though she is not in camp, she enjoys the crafts and adventures that are being posted.  Here Sophie is enjoying her breakfast as she reads today’s craft.

So what are they wearing?

  • Anna a beautiful romper made by a very nice lady, her gift to me
  • Emily a Springfield dress on clearance at Joanne’s for $4.87
  • Hannah a top and skirt made by me
  • Sophie a Springfield outfit on sale at Joanne’s 50% coupon