Gorgeous Hand Built American Girl Doll Dollhouse

One of the Doll Diaries readers, Tara, just sent me the most amazing photos of the American Girl doll sized dollhouse they built for their daughter. Talk about one LUCKY little girl and some very pampered dolls!

They started by building four rectangular boxes each measuring 4’ W X 2’ H X 2’ D. Two of the boxes have a removable center wall. Each room has a ceiling center battery operated light.

American Girl Doll Dollhouse

The American Girl doll sized rooms are perfect for play. I love the doll shoe shelf on the end, too!

Now for a tour inside.

American Girl Doll Sized Doll House Room for Samantha

Samantha’s bedroom tops off the house with her Scenes and Settings as the background. There is also a horse stable on the top of the house.

American Girl sized doll house purple room

Moving down to the second floor. The purple Living/ Craft & TV room has a purple bathroom rug, a trundle bed for company (Tara made the bedding), Chrissa’s craft table and a box used as a flat screen TV with interchangeable pictures cut out of the American Girl magazines.

American Girl doll dollhouse dining room

Also on the second floor is the Yellow Tea Room which has a laminate wood floor bought at Lowe’s. The room’s furnishings are from The Queen’s Treasures (a fabulous site to find neat stuff for your dolls).

American Girl Doll Doll House for 18" dolls powder room

On the ground floor there is a pink room which is the Salon. It has Molly’s vanity, a shelf to house all of the hair goodies and a home made sink made from a box and a small round mirror and a small glass votive candle holder for the sink.

American Girl doll 18" sized dollhouse bunkbeds

Next to the salon is Felicity & Elizabeth’s bedroom complete with bunk beds. The beds and desk/table are from The Queen’s Treasures. Tara made the bedding and used tack paper for the floor. Their picture is hung in a Victorian style frame.

American Girl doll house bedroom

The blue room is a guest room featuring Molly’s bed and night stand. It has hardwood floors with a Mackenzie Child’s napkin for a rug. Tara also made a blanket, pillow and drapery to hang behind the bed.

American Girl doll house rainbow bedroom

The Rainbow room is Lanie’s. The walls are blue with painted clouds, flowers and a rainbow. The floor is painted green. Her furniture is Kit’s bed and desk and Lanie loves it!

I want to thank Tara and her daughter again for sharing these fabulous pictures with us!! Now I have started thinking about how we could adapt some of these ideas for our own doll space.

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  1. OMG THATS AMAZING!! Firstie!! Where do you keep that in your house Tara( Living Room, your Daughters bedroom, ect,)? I absolutly love it!! <3

  2. OMG! This is amazing, I wish I had one. My doll has a section of my room, but not a whole house! 😉

  3. Wow! This is amazing! I always love seeing AG doll houses and at some point in my life, I want to make one for myself. Currently, all my dolls have little spots in my room where they sit and do “little things”, like talk, read, etc. I think my favorite room is Lanie’s. Or Felicity and Elizabeth’s. Or Samantha’s. No, I think I love them all! 😛

  4. Okay, I don’t get jealous of many things about dolls anymore (I’m 14) but I am now!!!!! I waaaaaaant it… I just hope the girl isn’t spoiled…

  5. It’s Tara & Kendall…From the dollhouse above.
    We keep the AG dollhouse in our spare bedroom/ den.
    It’s our, “Girls age 5+, no boys allowed zone :)”. We will post pictures of the girls in action on my Youtube (6mactara) as soon as I figure out how to do this without crashing my computer :). Have fun and thanks again Char for sharing our fun!

  6. I have a room specifically for my dolls… It has two houses in it.
    You can go to my blog to see them.
    Click on the tab that says “My doll’s rooms”…

  7. Oh wow Kellee!! Your doll rooms are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  8. Wow! Kellie and Tara, both of your houses are awesome!

  9. OMG!!! THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING DOLLHOUSE EVER!!! And i thought i was proud of my organized doll space! :)

  10. OMG I love both Tara’s daughter’s and Kellee’s doll house!!

  11. OMG! i would live in that! can i know the one with the house! give me! adorable!

  12. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Can you send in pictures? I was thinking about making a bunk bed for mini dolls and sending in pictures.

  13. You can send in pictures of your dolls or anything doll related to share@dolldiaries.com.

  14. News Flash! AG had just trademarked the AG REVUE. It says plays and educational purpose. AG is going to bring back plays! Maybe in the stores!

  15. So, Caroline, Saba, Mckenna, Emeline, Marie-Grace, and Laurette are future historicals or Goty? I think Mckenna or Caroline might be the 2012 GOTY!

    My dolls just got a blog! follow and comment and I’ll return your favor. 😀

  17. @Tiara: Saba was a Girls Of Many Lands, she won’t be a new doll.

  18. Hi,
    I love the dollhouse! We are thinking of making one for our daughter. I was looking at your’s and realy like the way it is made and not too tall for her to be able to reach. My question is…are they attached in the corner? If they are flat against the wall is there space in the corner of the room? Thanks!

  19. Tara & Kendall says:

    HI Ashly, I highly recommend making the dollhouse, so your thinking process is over :)! We play with it every day and Kendall’s friends come over and well…it brings tears to my eyes. So let your inner artist shine! To answer your question they are not connected in the corners. In fact, each rectangle box is independent of eachother. I can switch them around or put all four of them along one wall. I do have them against the wall. The way there are now there is an open corner. I house a square end table with a lamp on it.
    All in all it’s a GREAT project and so much fun for all. I keep adding to it. This week I made a window (basla wood for the trim and a MacKenzie childs placemat copy for the country view) for Felicity’s room and I also did a wall paper (contact paper) feature wall. Blessings!

  20. O.M.G. she is soooooooo lucky!

  21. Pretty Irish AG says:

    My doll bed is coming along great. I have to iron the pieces and put it together. My medium is fuse beads. It’s going to look good

  22. Danielle says:

    I put a lot of effort into my doll space as well, even though it isnt as amazing as this doll house! I have one section in my basement for my 8 dollies :) I use a lot of stuff found around my house that I use for decorations, and I use american girl doll furniture also. But I wish I could transfer my stuff into a life size doll house!

  23. That is….Well there is no word for it!:D That is the best,biggest,greatest doll house I have ever seen!!!;D
    Great Job!!;D How long did it take to make?

  24. Just bought “Doll Parties” book yesterday and it is wonderful!!!!! There are 4 fun parties to create from american girl. I also have Doll T-shirts and Doll School. All three are full of fun, I reccomend them all to you! I am also wanting to buy “Doll Dining” which is the newest kit. I am very anxious!!!!

  25. I have a book that was copyrighted in 2008 from AG. It has all of the Historical Characters names in it. Including Rebecca. I was shocked even though I got it after Rebecca came out but the copyright date was before Rebecca came out. Also with the names Colleen, Shelby, Kate, Alyssa, Samara, and Stephanie. Do you think that these names might be future Historical Characters?

  26. This is really nice..
    good job :)

  27. Cami, Shelby is a Innerstar U character. I think AG might come out with the Innerstar U guide dolls. I am getting Julie for Easter and Kanani for Christmas! Yay! I’ll get Rebecca next year.

  28. Sarah:) says:

    Hey!! My grandma found me a 6 box set series of the Samantha books at St Vincen De Paul!! The copywrite is 1986, 1988 Pleasent Company! Does that mean its Pleasent Company?? That would be really cool if it was!!

    My doll room/space is all over my room!! :) Its kinda crazy!! Butit works.

  29. hi im new to dolldiaries but ive been reading it for about 2 years now.i have 15 dolls molly addy marisol kit mia julie chrissa emily ruthie gwen sonali lanie felicity rebecca and my newest elizabeth! tara i love love love loooovvve the dollhouse its so cute and awsome!!!! my favorite rooms are samantha and kits bedrooms.also kellee i love ur house to. and ur blog is realy neat i look forward to future posts on here and hopefully maybe make some new friends :)

  30. tara,
    thats is way COOL!!!!!! so you get it all to your self?!

  31. Cami, might I ask what book it is? Sometimes books have a copywrite date the year before they come out.

    Also, the ISU guides are just MyAG dolls already available.

  32. It is in a book called “Celebrate You! A Sticker Journal to Tell Your Story”The page # is pages 2-3.

  33. Jessica says:

    I’m back! I got Rebecca and Julie! Tiara, you are going to LOVE Julie!

  34. Sarah:) says:

    Jessica- That is so cool!!

  35. Jessica- that is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have both of them and you will lve both! youll also have lots of fun playing with julies hair . a word of warning though julies hair can tangle kinda easy but nothing a quick brush through wont fix. I hope i helped :)

  36. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it REALY handmade?! so cool!!!!! i love Samantha’s and Felicity’s and Elizebeth’s rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. You know… all you need is two long bookshelfs, and take out some shelf’s (minus the furnishing)! I am going to try this.

  38. THat is a good idea for making a doll house Sarah!!!!!! If I make one, we are taking the doors off of one of my closets to build one, that would be a lot of fun. Also, I have Becca and Julie!!!!!! They are both so amazing!!!