Gorgeous Barbie Birthday Cakes

I was looking for ideas for Barbie birthday cakes with a friend of mine and was totally amazed at how many beautiful and creative Barbie cakes are out there.

I love the detail on this Barbie cake’s dress:


For example, look at this gorgeous Barbie Mariposa cake I found on Flickr:


And this gorgeous Swan Lake Barbie cake:


Actually if you do a search on Flickr for Barbie cakes, there are hundreds of them.

I like this Cake Space Barbie cake as well:


These two are more traditional but cute still:

There are a variety of cake pans you can get to use as inspiration:

Or use these party supply packs as inspiration:

Barbie, princesses and other doll themes are such popular birthday party themes for little girls and I am always amazed by the creativity of those who can actually design and decorate cakes.

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  1. cool!

  2. We have an old cake pan that has a plastic Barbie….thing. Not a doll, but like a flat, plastic, decoration thing that once the cake is baked you put on the Barbie model thing and ice around it to make the cake look like a Barbie doll with an icing dress. I don’t have any pictures, though. We only used it once.

  3. I had a barbie cake 4 yrs. ago 4 my bday!! If you ask they can color the icing dif. and pick out the doll!!

  4. which one is your favorite, Char?? I like the swan lake one!!

  5. priscilla says:

    hi selena and gale! my favorite cake is the butterfly one! it’s so cute!

  6. i love a bite of cake

  7. i absolutely LOVE them!!!!! im eating doulbe stuf oreos right now or else id want a piece of cake LOL!!!!

  8. oh and gale i had that too!

  9. I think the detail on the Swan Lake one is AH-MAZING!! + be-u-ti-ful!!! 😉

  10. Hehe, I like all the cakes! I just hope the frosting isn’t.. well.. plastic, too. 😉 Anyway, Zo-Zo and I have a new feature on http://www.innerstarweekly.blogspot.com, our blog. What you can do is send us an inspirational story (we don’t save e-mails. Ever.) and we pick from one each month. Displayed at the end of the month. Hurry- they’re due by the 20th every month! We also have a new poll. :)

  11. I like them all bc they’re all creative =)

  12. BELLA, if u come on, go 2 the Rebecca story!!

  13. lol i had one just like the 1st pic except in pink.. and her hair was down…and she was like an AMAZING doll, so she was part of my BDAY gift…

  14. my sister had a barbie cake with a doll in side of the cake too but it was diffrent she got that cake when she was 3

  15. Winter Wish says:

    :sundae: :choccake: :gift: Birthdays!! I’m not a fan of barbies at all, so I like different thing better, not to be rude. I don’t really like birthday cake, either.

  16. omg that is soooooooo cute! im gonna show my mommy this so we can make it for my sisters 3rd b-day!

  17. priscilla says:

    my sister’s turning 3 in april too, pioneerfan! i might make her this,but not with a barbie cuz she dont lik em’!

  18. Plush Queen says:

    I hope the Barbie is clean. My friends mom made her the prettiest cakes with Polly Pockets.

  19. i like the swan lake cake. i was never a fan of barbie

  20. ^^^ is also not a fan of barbies, but when she was 3 they were like AMAZING to her…. lol u wash it plush queen…just be careful, at my party the 4 year old nearly sliced off her arm….NEVER let a 4 yr old get cake by herself! lol

  21. Omg i would LOVE to be at the swan lake party…cake AND cupcakes!!! Woo-hoo!!! does that mean they would have soda AND juice?? lol!!

  22. priscilla says:

    me and my sis arent fans of barbie,eiter! but i might make the cake with a poly pcket or somthin!