In the past week we have seen most of the Our Generation Collection on sale at Target.  I have been very impressed with their new Retro line of outfits and accessories.  The accessories can only be found in the stores and contain purses, eye glasses, hankies, etc.   What I find so impressive about these sets is the amount of detail they have.   Now what I have also found is that only certain Targets are carrying the Retro Collection, and of course they also appear online.   So let’s take a look at a few outfits recently released…

Dabbie is modeling the new Retro outfit called:   Li’l Miss Dah-ling.  It comes with a gingham red and white dress which has a layer of yellow netting at the hem, white sweater/cardigan, a matching head scarf , red sandals and a pair of yellow retro sunglasses.  Dabbie decided not to wear the sunglasses.

Dabbie wearing the cardigan, which is nicely lined inside.  Everything fits so nicely, it almost seems the outfit was made for the AG girls. 

Here is the best part of this outfit…the shoes!  They are platform sandals and the fit perfectly.  Dabbie can stand very easily with these platform sandals.  They look so real and they actually have fabric on top.   Love these shoes!

Lizzy was my model for the the new Retro Bowling outfit called: “Gotta Bowl”   This outfit has several must have items!  The top is a nice pink knit top, fits perfectly.  The leggings, yes leggings not jeans are stretchable and fit skin tight.  The shoes really look like bowling shoes and are not plastic, they are vinyl.    The two best parts are: 1. The bowling jacket made of vinyl and looks like a Letterman jacket.  2. the bowling ball which is a little small but it actually has holes.  The doll can actually hold the bowling ball just like if she would be bowling.    What is also special about this outfit is that it has a separate accessory pack  not yet in the stores which will contain a bowling bag, additional bowling ball and bowling score card. 

Here is my Madame Alexander doll,  Mercy is modeling the bowling outfit.  The leggings, jacket, top and shoes fit exactly the same as when Lizzy tried it on.  Mercy can also hold the bowling ball and is ready for the Bowling adventure!

Amy reminded me,  she was having some friends over for a sleepover, since she received several A’s on her report card.  Amy loves her Doll Diaries PJs and her purple bunny.  Her friends Nikola (Kidz n Cats) and Ali (Via-E)  arrived with their favorite stuff animals. 

Nikola loves the outdoors so she is wearing her moose PJs  (OG) and Ali is wearing her piggy PJs (OG).  I wanted to see how well the Our Generation outfits fit other 18″ dolls and how well the Doll Diaries pajamas also fit other dolls.  In this case both OG PJs fit very nicely, including the shoes.  Each PJ outfit includes the PJs, shoes and a stuff animal.   The Doll Diaries PJ is from My Doll’s Life and also fits Amy very nicely.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the Our Generation Retro Collection, they seem to have improved this collection and the detail is amazing.

Fun Facts:
1. The backdrop is the bedroom scene for the My Doll’s Life Play Scene 
2. The bed is the inflatable bed from the OG collection
3. Purple Bunny is from the AG Bitty Baby Collection kit (book and bunny) found at Sam’s Club.