Giveaway for DreamWorld Collections Gymnastics Leotard Set

UPDATED WITH WINNER!! Congratulations JOCELYN you are the winner of this adorable set! I will be emailing you shortly.

DreamWorld Collections Gymnastics Leotard Set

Having been a gymnastics coach for years and the mother of a gymnast, I know one thing – you can never have too many gymnastics leotards!! I’m pretty sure McKenna feels the same way! Our friends at DreamWorld Collections know this too and want to give this gymnastics leotard and shorts set away to one lucky Doll Diaries reader!



One (1) lucky winner will receive the DreamWorld Collection Little Gymnast set that includes a pink and purple gymnastics leotard and matching shorts which retails for $19.97 (You can buy it from the DreamWorld Collection site or from Amazon).


How To Enter

  • Visit DreamWorld Collections web site and take a look around – she has added some great new pieces. Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know what new item you like best or why your doll would like to win this gymnastics set.
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  • Leave your comment(s) no later than midnight September 4, 2012.
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  • You must be 13 or older to enter. If you are under 13, just ask your parent, grandparent, favorite aunt or uncle to enter for you!
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  1. I think the Elegance – Pink fleece coat is adorable, especially the beret. Our doll would like to win because her playmate is also in gymnastics. Then they could practice together at home.

  2. Liked DollDiaries and DreamWorld Collections on Facebook and of course shared the link to this awesome giveaway. Thanks

  3. my favorite outfit is the Simply elegant long sleeved blue dress. and i would also like to win the gymnastics-leotard-set because my doll does rhythmic gymnastics and it looks like a rhythmic gymnastics outfit!

  4. I would love to win this set because my dolls loves gymnastics. And my little sister too, and I think she would love to do gymnastics with my dolls :)

  5. my favorite outfit is the golden dress. I would like to win the gymnastics leotard set because my doll is a gymnast and has no outfits other than a swimsuit and I think it is really cute.

  6. Mckenna and the rest of my dolls want this because Mckenna has to share her leotard! I want this leotard for my dolls because Mckenna inspired me to do gymnastics and sign up for a gymnastics team!

  7. I like the holiday spirt. please enter me in the contest.

  8. Wait, is there two Kaylees now?

  9. I like both of the gymnastics sets and the black swan ballet outfit. My dolls are dancers and gymnasts, so that is why i would like to win this set.

  10. i love the olimpic gymnast outfit and my doll would like to win because she loves gymnastics and she doesn’t have a leotard

  11. gabriella says:

    so cute

  12. gabriella says:

    i like the golden dress the most and i think why my doll well actully my sisters doll is because my sister really likes gymnastics and it would make the perfect birthday present for her

  13. The Snow Leapord outfit is adorable!!!! It would look great on Julie or Marisol, Woulden’t it??

  14. My favorite new outfits are the leotards, of course! My dolls would love to wear them!

    Also, my dolls would love to win this outfit because they are both gymnasts- one’s recreational and one’s competitive. We’re working on putting together a doll gym in the basement.

  15. I would love this outfit for my Granddaughter’s Birthday, Sept. 22. She will be 5 years old. Ever since she has watched the 2012 Olympics she has worked to be just like the Olympians, doing the floor routines in her leotard and jolting a wand. She is so serious about her “routines”. I know she would love the gymnastic outfits for her AG Doll so that she would have the proper attire for working the “routines” together.

  16. I fallow Doll Diaries on Twitter

  17. americanvballgirl says:

    I think my favorite new outfit is the holiday spirit outfit! It’s so pretty!

  18. HI! I would LOVE to win the gymnastics set because I am a gymnast, and I want my dolls to be little gymnasts too! Lol 😛 thanks for holding this contest. I am subscribed to you on youtube. 😉

  19. Hi I’m entering your contest, my dolls would really enjoy this set when McKenna came out my sister really fell in love with gymnastics. She hasn’t been able to take lessons but she gives her Dolls lessons! Thanks for the contest I hope to win!
    (also I like you on Facebook,I’m subscribed to your YouTube And I told some friends on Facebook about it)

  20. Diane maguire says:

    I have Twin Great nieces who have discovered the joy of American girl dolls and share their blessings with others in their community , sponsoring doll events to raise money for others. I would love to have them win the outfits in the spirit of America and all she stands for ,freedom ,justice and a way of life that offers hope to others.

  21. My dolls would LOVE this set because they all love gymnastics and i have no leotards or gymnastic outfits for them. Also my dolls would love this because they really like Mckenna’s outfit but it’s too expensive

  22. My dolls would love this because I have one doll leotard and If I had this one, they could practice together. I love the Simply Elegant long sleeved blue dress.

  23. my favorite is the asian beauty! :)

  24. I especially like the pink fleece coat ensemble. We’d love to win the gymnastic leotards. My 5 year old loved watching the Olympics and the new McKenna movie and has been begging to take gymnastics. Also, daddy is working on a doll balance beam and it would be great to have an outfil to go with it!

  25. I like the holiday spirit outfit the best!!

  26. I just love the prima ballerina outfit. the shoes are so cute!

  27. There are a few outfits that I love like the Olympic Gymnastics set, The Navy Blue Dress, The Holiday Red dress, The Bikini Mini & Fun With The Sun :)

  28. how can i change the picture next to my name? or can i?

  29. i like the asian beauty outfit! and i would like to win this outfit because #1 because i have mckenna and i need a leotard set for her #2 because i am a gymnast! #3 is because this is my 2nd fav outfit on her site!

  30. kathryn – you can go to and register there and your photo will show up on any site you comment on.

  31. Sorry if I posted this before, but I subbed on Youtube 😉

  32. Anna Gould says:

    Just wanted to share that I am so excited to have just found this website!! The craft ideas are awesome and I can already hear my little girl giggling in excitement! I visited the dream world website I have to admit I love the 5 piece bed set and pjs! I was happy to find a variety of new items! There’s more th choose from and lifts the limits of only having american girl brand. Thanks for all the creativity!!

  33. sheri grennille says:

    i love the razzle dazzle dance outfit – unlike anything my daughter has for her dolls! she would love the gymnastics outfit because she does gymnastics and enjoys having the girls take a class as their “gym” class in her doll school.

  34. sheri grennille says:

    i posted on my fb wall, lots of AG fans among my friends…

  35. sheri grennille says:

    i am following on twitter and tweeted hello to dreamworld.

  36. sheri grennille says:

    i like your fb page (and dreamworld) and said hi on your wall.

  37. My favorite outfit is the blue bathing suit. I think my dolls should have the gymnastics leotard, because my dolls don’t have one and I do gymnastics.

  38. Julia Richardson says:

    My daughter’s favorite set is the Little Gymnast – Pink gymnastic leotard with purple shorts. She is SO into gymnastics and cheer!

  39. My doll would love this set beacause she loves gymnastics, and dos’nt have alot of clothes.
    Why? Beacause My family is in tight money trouble, and anything, is a gift.

  40. My girl’s has been wanting a leotard so she can dress just like my daughter when they go to gymnastics! She also looked through the DreamWorld website, and she’d love for me to get her the pink swan outfit.

  41. That should say “My girl’s doll”

  42. my dolls would LOVE to have this leotard set they are always on the go ! lLOVE LOVES sports {especially gymantics acrobatic dance!!!!! and even cheer leading !!!!!!!!!} her favorite colors are variouspinks and dark purples ! she squealed with delight when she found out about this contest {she loves the crafts on this blog } but unfortunately we are tight on money but my 2 dolls kit and karmen are the joy and light of my life they only have 3 outfits they rotate but we make the best of it !!!!!!!!

  43. i would love to win these leotards for my doll kaylee because i want to set up a huge gymnastics area for her and all my other dolls :)

  44. This is Dollygirl’s parent entering the giveaway for her. Her favorite Dreamworld Collections outfit is the green ladybug outfit and her dolls would like this because they are always doing gymnastics but they don’t have a leotard.

  45. I shared on facebook.

  46. Liked you on facebook. (Shimmer Buildabear)

  47. I liked Dreamworld Collections on facebook. (Shimmer Buildabear)

  48. My favorite one is the princess Kate wedding dress. I think Chrissa would look great in it but I love this outfit too. I follow you on Facebook.