Karen here and today Olivia my Springfield Doll and I want to show you a fun and easy way you can style your doll’s hair for St. Patrick’s Day. Today’s style is inspired by the Shamrock and is a quick way to show some holiday spirit!

To style your dolls hair like Olivia you will need:

  • Doll with long hair
  • Doll hairbrush
  • 4 doll-hair safe elastics
  • Green ribbon
  • Scissors
  • * Optional Spray bottle with water if her hair is very tangled. 

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and gently brush out your dolls hair. Bring it together on top of your dolls head into a very high pony tail. Secure with an elastic.

Step 2- Part the pony tail into three equal parts.

Step 2- Take the separated hair in to your hand and twist it slightly then form a circle at the bottom of the elastic. Twist it around one time and secure it with one of your hair elastics. Repeat this step twice more on the remaining hair . When you are done your dolls hair should look like my doll Olivia’s and be the shape of a shamrock.

Step 3- Unroll your ribbon from the spool. Measure out at least the length of your dolls body in ribbon and cut. Twist the ribbon around the dolls hair as shown so you cover the elastics and the end bits of your dolls pony tail. Tie A Large Bow in front and your doll is ready for her St. Patrick’s Day debut! You can even try this style on your own hair!