I meant to post this earlier in the week in celebration of Girl Scout Day, but you all know how my week has been going…

If you have a Girl Scout or a Brownie in the house, you won’t want to pass up this offer –Β All Girl Scout Dolls Just $15.99 at Paradise Galleries! Use Code: JBQ3GSDL. Ends 3/25!

Last year when I was at Toy Fair I learned that Adora (owned by the same group that owns Paradise Galleries) had the official license from the Girl Scouts of America to produce the Girl Scout and Brownie outfits. The majority of their Girl Scouts stock is sold out, but $15.99 is a great price for the uniform on its own and you get a Tender Hearts doll with it. If you order two of the dolls, you get two extra outfits free.

As just so you can see for yourself… Here is our American Girl Sonali wearing the green outfit shown in the photo above. The Tender Hearts dolls are just a little shy of 18″ but their clothes are cut to 18″ size. If you unroll the cuffs of the pants, they fit perfectly. The waist and hips are a good fit, too. Their shoes make Sonali look taller than she really is and Emma is wearing the Cozy Sweater Outfit from AG and there is no padding in the bottom of the slipper boots.

The Tender Hearts dolls have bodies much like My Twinn – more cloth and only vinyl from the elbows down and knees down. Their faces are also sculpted to look like younger girls, but they do make good little sisters for American Girl dolls and can share clothes with Bitty Baby, too.

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!