Gifts for Caroline, A Doll Show and A New Table

If you have been reading this site for any length of time you have definitely seen quite a few great finds and photos from one of our readers, Madelon. Like me, Madelon is a Mom who like dolls as much (and some days more ) than our girls do and she is always going on an adventure, finding cool things for her dolls and then sends me the pictures – yay!!

In the last few days Madelon has been to a doll show, found some neat things for Caroline and even reviewed some of the items she recently ordered from The Queen’s Treasures. Here are some of my favorites!

Caroline green dress

Isn’t this dress for Caroline that is made out of fabric from China just divine? It looks like something Caroline would love to sew for herself.

Ships in a bottle

At the doll show over the weekend Madelon found these mini ships in bottles – perfect for her Caroline collection!

Speaking of the doll show, isn’t this display neat? Β The combination of the vintage dolls and the Halloween decorations are just kind of cool.

Wouldn’t our dolls look amazing in all these vintage outfits Madelon saw at the doll show?

The Queen's Treasures Farm Table

This is the Farm Table from The Queen’s Treasures that Madelon recently ordered. Like other The Queen’s Treasures pieces, it is high quality, historically accurate and fun to play with!

The Queen's Treasures Farm Table

I love the two toned coloration!

Rustic accessories

Some rustic accessories that really complete the look including candlesticks, wooden apples, a wooden box and platter – all from The Queen’s Treasures.

Thanks for always cheering up my inbox Madelon and giving us a peek into your awesome collection, too!


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  1. StoryTeller says:

    Firstie! πŸ˜€
    Very cool! Those little ships in bottles are adorable!

  2. aww i need a nice table!!

  3. Those ships are adorable! Nice finds Madelon!

  4. Cute! Hey Char, today I am going to make a Humane Society for my AG dolls. Would you like me to send pics? I could show how to make it and stuff. Only if you want me to, though :- )

  5. Amanda – sure! Send photos when ever you are ready.

  6. Ok! It might actually be tomorrow, cause I have to go to dance practice soon. But I’ll certainly send them!

  7. Love the ships in the bottles and that table.

  8. Char, I just got Caroline’s paper dolls! Do you want me to send pics/ a review?

  9. I love that dress! I had one similar that I bought for my porcelain doll but It was so small I had to cut her out of it!

  10. Cool! Madelon always sends in the most creative photos ever. Her kids are so lucky that their mom is as interested in dolls as she is! Yours too, Char, of course!

  11. They, not she.

  12. Also, I forgot to tell you at Justice today, I saw a new Novi Star, Nita Light. Her special power was glowing in the dark and she was dressed like some sort of DJ.

  13. Nina – yes, please

  14. Okay! I’ll do it tonight! Thanks!

  15. Wow. Madelon is amazing!! I wish I could do stuff like that.

  16. love that green dress!

  17. Love the ship in the bottles!

  18. The Chinese dress looks like one my Dad brought me home from China! The mini ship bottles are cute too!

  19. Love the ships in a bottle and what a pretty dress!

  20. cute BTW springfield has new stuff in canada now!

  21. Dear Char, My dad and me have almost finished my dollhouse!I am super excited!Except the contact paper keeps falling off.So were going to glue it on.Would you like me to send in pictures when it;s done?

  22. That’s great aglover and melody!

  23. I love the dress! I just love going to craft shows like that! Last year I went to one and got a beautiful triple bunk bed, a coat rack thing, and some doll clothes. It’s so fun meeting the people who make/build doll stuff!

  24. Madeleon- I did not know there was stuff like this! Thank you, and a question- any more coming up soon? I would love to go to one. Anyone who knows, please answer! I would love to buy some things for my dolls that are handcrafted!
    Karen & Char- Do you think maybe one of you could do a table and chairs tutorial for 18″ dolls? I really want to know how to make a doll sized chair- I need one for my doll dining table- which is two memory boxes stacked on top of each other.
    Delaney- I know this is non-related to Doll Diaries, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It is simply amazing! πŸ˜€ I would love to know some tips about blogging!

  25. Melody – absolutely

  26. Does anybody know when toy fair 2013 is and when? (I hope it’s in Boston!)

  27. Alicen- to make a table you can cut a cardboard box (The size of your dolls need) and keep the corners for legs. You can also put a long piece of fabric on your cardboard table to hide writing or just the cardboard. To make chairs press into a red plastic cup (it might be a bit snug for American Girls) I hope this helped!

  28. Ari- Toy Fair 2013 will be on February 10-13 in New York. It’s on the ToyFair website. Hope this helped!

  29. Yes, it is in NY again. I am planning on going again.

  30. Cool

  31. Ahhhhhhhh my pu p py is hyper chewing my hair she put the spaces in puppy lol her name is Lola 2 pounds chi-poo that’s what she is poodle chihuauha mix so cute.

  32. Yay, Char! I loved your reports from this year.

  33. Who has Caroline? Do you recommend her? I want her so much and I’m thinking of getting her for Christmas. Is her hair hard to take care of? Is her outfits as furniture food quality?:)