A Girl for All Time Samantha

Let me introduce you to Sam Liron, the newest addition to the A Girl for All Time line of dolls based on British history and culture. Sam is a 1960s girl and just so happens to be the daughter of Clementine, the cute redhead they released as a 1940’s doll in 2013.


You have probably already seen plenty of photos of Sam on the A Girl for All Time website and Facebook page, but I bet you didn’t know a few of these fun facts! Sam’s creator, Frances, and I have become pretty good friends over the years and she sent me some insight on Sam to share with you.

  • Sam is named after Frances’ daughter, Samantha, who has been the inspiration behind the A Girl for All Time line.
  • Sam’s overall costume design and vibe is by Caroline Harris, BAFTA nominated Hollywood costumier (and Clementine’s costume designer) and patterns are a collaboration by our very own Thimbles and Acorns and Keepers Dolly Duds. They have done amazing work and their craftsmanship has helped define how fabulous Sam’s costumes really are!
  • Sam Liron’s dream is to be a fashion designer herself and she makes most of her own clothes.
  • Sam is Clementine’s daughter and speaks fluent French. She lives in Paris with her mom and dad in the large hotel in which her dad works.
  • If you have read Clementine’s book, Clementine’s Winter, when Clementine gets her slice of the Christmas cake, she gets a rag in her slice which denotes poverty in her future… Sam has to move to New York to stay with her Uncle Ernie because her mom and dad lose all their money in a bad investment. Ernie (Clem’s brother)got the piece of money in his cake slice – denoting wealth in his future. Well, Ernie is quite wealthy and living in Greenwich Village (in New York City) when Sam goes to live with him!


I have really enjoyed all of the other A Girl for All Time books and am looking forward to Sam’s once it comes out.

I absolutely LOVE the sketch of Sam shown here – she reminds me of old photos of my own Mother.


Pre-orders for the Sam doll are available now and she is planned to ship mid-October.

Visit the A Girl for All Time Facebook page for more Sam photos and sign up to get 15% off your first order – https://www.facebook.com/AGirlForAllTime/app_1400031410281591.

So, how do you like Sam so far? I think she is a great addition to the Marchmont family.