Karen here and I am getting so excited about the start of Camp Doll Diaries 2014 that I wanted to share with you how camper Ruthie and I are setting up for Camp! Laura Kelly designed these wonderful banners for camp this year and I wanted to make mine reusable. So today I am sharing with you just how I did that.

To make your own reusable camp banners and flags you will need:

Step 1- Print out a sheet of Camp Banners and Flags (see link in supplies list)

Step 2- Using clear tape, (I used packing tape) tear off enough tape to cover the back side of your banner. Lay the tape sticky side up on your table and press the cut out flag into place, writing side up.

Step 3- Tear off another piece large enough to cover the top. Carefully lay it over the flag and press it into place.

Step 4- Use your scissors to cut out your now protected flag.

Step 5- Repeat steps 1-4 on all remaining flags and the words Camp Doll Diaries, don’t forget to do the sun and rainbow too!

Step 6- To hang your camp banners up all summer long you may want to add a little ribbon loop to the back of each flag and banner. I made small loops and taped them into place on each of the backs.I added two loops to my “Camp Doll Diaries” Banner as well as two ribbons on the front of the sign.

Step 7- I will use my American Doll Room’s for most of my camp crafts for photographs so to hang my banners I used a long piece of 1 inch ribbon and taped it across the top of my American Doll Room barn. By using the ribbon and taping it into place I can use only the banners I need in each doll play scene all summer long and year round too!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I look forward to sharing more Camp Doll Diaries doll play posts soon!