Our newest doll family member, Maru, arrived with her meet outfit, a ballet outfit and one more casual outfit. I thought it would be fun to show off Maru’s ballet outfit and give you an idea as to how big she is in comparison to American Girl and Carpatina slim body dolls.

Maru Ballet outfit

Maru put on her ballet performance outfit before rehearsals today. Her ballet outfit is a sleeveless white and pink long dress, sheer white tights and pretty pink ballet shoes.  The dress does have clear straps to help hold the dress up properly. The bodice is very detailed with a white pleated background and criss cross pink ribbon over top. The skirt is made of many layers of tulle that is dainty and a little sparkly. Like Maru’s meet dress, her ballet outfit is extremely well made and is made of high quality fabrics.

Size comparison - American Girl, Maru, Carpatina

“Are you ready for rehearsal tonight?” asked McKenna.

“Getting there,” said Erin, “Do you think the instructor will mind if we wait until later to put our hair up in a bun?”

“It’s going to take a LOT of hair gel to get my bangs to stay back,” added Maru.

Size comparison - American Girl, Maru, Carpatina

While waiting to go, McKenna stretches her split. McKenna is wearing the Black Swan ballet outfit from DreamWorld Collections. Maru and Erin are dancing to the music in the background. Speaking of backgrounds, this one is from MyDollsLife.com.

Size comparison - American Girl, Maru, Carpatina

Erin, a slim body 18″ doll from Carpatina is wearing the pink ballet outfit from Kidz ‘n Cats.

I have not tried any of Maru’s clothes on Erin or McKenna, but Maru is taller than both of them and is built more like Erin than McKenna.  I have one more Maru outfit to show you and then I will start doing some wardrobe swapping.