I absolutely love the color of my new Ellowyne’s hair, but after I took it out of the style she came in, I decided she needs a new do. Yesterday Megan and I stopped at Sally Beauty and picked up a few things I need to do doll hair and that she needs for doing nail designs and repainting Barbie faces (I can’t wait to take pictures – she is actually pretty good!).

Ellowyne Wilde dolls

Elle and Aine are checking out the box of goodies while Blair looks a little closer at Aine’s long auburn hair. I bought tiny perm rods, some clear elastics, end wrappers and a comb with a long point for separating hair a little cleaner.

Ellowyne Wilde Raw Edges

I don’t have time to start this project today, but I figured I would give Aine some time to think about what style of curls she wants.

Not to worry, you know I will share photos of the whole process!