Karen here with a quick and easy way to give your doll that 1950’s look! 1950’s hairstyles for girls were all about the high pony tails with flipped up ends and rounded bangs. Bandanna’s were used for fashion and flare! You can easily add one to any of your dolls hair, long or short for that 1950’s look!

To give your doll the look you will need:

  • Your Doll
  • A Hair elastic (suitable for dolls hair )
  • A Doll Hairbrush
  •  A Bandanna


Step 1- Lay your doll down in front of you and use your hands to gather all her hair  into a high pony tail. You don’t have to brush it out first. The un-brushed messy hair will help give your pony tail volume for this look!

Step 2- Put your hair elastic around the ponytail you have just created, once it is secure in place, divide the hair in two and pull the hair away in each hand opposite from the other and from the dolls head to tighten, just as you would do to tighten your own.

Step 3- Use your hair brush to gently brush out the pony tail starting at the bottom. Use your fingers to curl the bottom of the pony tail so it flips out.

Step 4- Use your brush and comb out the bangs and curl them the same way you did the tail tip but curl them under.


For The Bandanna hairband I used the other half of the bandanna from the no sew dress I did from camp!

Step 5- Tightly roll up your bandanna and fit it around your dolls ponytail. This look from all the photos from the 1950’s has the bandanna just behind the ears. Once around your dolls head tie and make a secure knot. If it is tied tight enough it will not slip off your dolls head.

Now you have the look!