Hold onto your hats! I am in serious awe over this next doll space – and I would LOVE to have something this fabulous. 

One of our readers, Gena, sent me the link to photos their MOST AMAZING doll space. Gena and her daughters have been collecting American Girl since her oldest daughter was 6 years old, she is now 27!  They finally decided that it was time to figure out how to store all the stuff they had collected. 

american girl doll house

OH MY!! They have a dedicated room for their dolls, complete with a glass door inviting you to enter.

doll house for American Girl dolls

Six of the doll rooms – each one is just so detailed – I can only imagine how long it took to set this up. I love that some of the doll rooms even have light fixtures and chandeliers. Incredible!

doll house for American Girl dolls

So, go over to the Flickr collection to see all 44 fabulous photos of Gena’s incredible doll space. I could spend hours in there!

Thank you so much Gena for sharing these photos with us. They are amazing!!