Hi Doll Diaries Campers!! We apologize for the technical difficulties yesterday and not getting a post up. The database that basically keeps the Doll Diaries site running is in dire need of an upgrade and maintenance – which is why you may have been getting database connection errors lately. Luckily, Laura’s husband happens to do this kind of work anyhow and is helping us out! 

While looking into some of these issues, I found a few posts that really are perfect for this week’s camp theme – some you may have missed the first time we shared them. Instead of just having one new activity for today, I am sharing a few posts and you can decide which ones to make.

Camp Doll Diaries

This quick and easy gardening apron is perfect for either the garden or when your doll has her market stand set up. Go to Make a Gardening Apron for Dolls

Look for doll sized wooden birdhouses at your craft store -give it your own paint treatment and it is ready for the garden! Go to Quick Craft Birdhouses.

You definitely need a watering can for the doll garden! Anna uses things you already have on hand to make this sweet watering can. Go to Make a Doll Sized Watering Can.

Did you know this sweet flower garden is made with fun foam? Super easy!! Go to Make a Flower Garden for Dolls.

Karen’s vegetable garden craft is super easy, too! You could have a flower garden and a vegetable garden by this afternoon! Go to Vegetable Garden for Dolls.

Which of these crafts are you going to make today? 

PS I am traveling to NYC today so I am not sure if the Throwback Thursday post is going to get posted or not – I will do my best.