I met my sister’s puppy over the weekend and that little romping ball of fluff instantly melted everyone’s heart.  Bouncing around the room to greet us, I scooped him up and stroked his cottony, silky soft coat.  He was in his element, surrounded by all those ooo’s and ahh’s, and happily showed off his playful personality.  The furry friends in our lives sure have a way of capturing our hearts!

Today I have a little puppy, just the right size for doll play, that will surely capture your heart!

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-13

The Queen’s Treasures sent me a few of their toys pets to review and I’m happy to share these puppies with you today!

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-16

The Queen’s Treasures 18″ Doll Pets

  • Cute Packaging– Comes in a cute box with a window and ribbon handle.  The packaging is so cute and sturdy, save it for play and to tote your little pup around.
  • Pets- 3 dogs and 3 cats are available.
  • Help Animals in Need- The Queen’s Treasures includes a paper to explain their initiative to help animals in need.
  • Leash and Collar- Each dog comes with a high quality collar and leash that are removable.

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-18

First of all I have to say that I love that The Queen’s Treasure is paying it forward by donating 10% of the proceeds from their pets toward helping animals in need.  You can do your part to help animals in need by following the ideas and tips included on the flyer.

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-19

Next let’s touch on the leash and collar.  The cool design include two clasp closures, one small one for the collar and a larger one for the leash, making each part separate and removable.  The ribbon slips over the wrist or fingers, making it easy for your doll to walk the dog!

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-9

Now to meet the pups!  Curly furry ears, black and white coloring, short tail, and soft all over, this Springer Spaniel pup is here to capture your heart!

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-2

Better watch out though because the Beagle pup will give you those eyes and you’ll want to take him home too!  Soft brown, white and black, with a long tail curled to one side, this little one is irresistibly cute!

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-6

Beyond their soft fur and cute faces these little pets have a unique feel in your hands.  They are more realistic and detailed than most toy pets because they are not stuffed animals.  They have a ridged plastic body under that fur.  As far as I can tell the fur is glued on.  This means they do not have floppy ears and floppy tails.  It also means they stand perfectly and hold their pose.  These dogs are well made but I think as the package suggests they would be best for doll and pet lovers 8 and up.

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures-4

Cue the “Ahhhh”, cause I know you can’t resist their sweetness!   That’s just what our furry friends do to us!

Realistic Toy Dogs from The Queens Treasures

Now that you have met two of The Queen’s Treasures pups which one melted your heart?  Do you have a favorite, the Springer Spaniel or the Bealge ?

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Play more and be sure to love on your own furry friends in your life!