Have you seen the FurReal Friends toys that move, react and talk? We have the Polar Bear cub from a few years ago and the FurReal Friends Newborn Rabbit and they are so cute. When we were at the store last week my daughter saw the new FurReal Biscuit dog and immediately added it to her wish list! Check out this video:

The FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup measures 21″ tall and it responds to 6 different commands; sit, lie down, sit up, beg and speak. Its puppy dog eyes are really very cute and you don’t even have to take it for a walk. Biscuit has sensors that detect the amount of attention he gets from his “owners” – if the kids are grooming him, talking to him and interacting then he is responsive and playful. Once their attention is elsewhere, Biscuit goes into hang out mode where he sits there, wags his tail occasionally and moves his head. A few minutes later, Biscuit lies down to go to sleep. If the room is dark, he settles down quicker.

If you can’t have real pets for one reason or another, FurReal Friends Biscuit is a pretty cute alternative to having a real puppy. He certainly doesn’t eat much.

There is also a dinosaur named Kota who is interactive that is so cute. Watch the Kota My Interactive Triceratops video – too cute!