I have just the hairstyle for summer.  It will keep your dolls cool and the messy, casual style will go with your summer fashions.

After getting a taste of hot weather this last week while I was in Mexico with my family I am ready for summer!

I picked up this hairstyle for you on my trip.  The TV was on the kids channel one day in the hotel.  There was a short little program that showed how to do this hairstyle, and despite the Spanish, I followed along the demonstration.   I thought it would be a fun hairstyle to try on the dolls!

I have to mention that I wish I could give credit to who was doing the hairstyle on TV but everything was in Spanish, so I have no idea what the program was.

Let’s get started!

This hairstyle will work on medium to long hair.

Sophia has long loose curls.   I finger combed her hair but didn’t worry too much about getting it perfect because this hairstyle is so forgiving.

Separate out a section of hair on each side of the doll’s face and pull the rest back into a ponytail or a side ponytail.

Take sections of the ponytail, twist and pin it.

It will make a messy bun when all the pieces are pinned.

I pinned the sections fairly loose and realized I wanted the overall size to be smaller.

I wrapped a small hairband around the whole bun to shrink down the size.  I could have also repined it closer and tighter together.

Twist the sections of hair around the face toward the back.

Sweep it to the side of the bun and pin it.

Play around with the position of the hair strip on each side of the face.  It will really change the look depending on how you twist it and where you lay it.

I decided to split the twisted section to lighten it up a little bit.  I love how the side sections add shape and texture.

I loved adding the side sections of hair last.  I gives you so much flexibility to make the front look good.

I would love to try this next on a doll with a little bit shorter hair so the bun is a bit smaller.  I also want to pull the bun farther to one side next time.  I think the effect will be fabulous!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post:

Enjoy this easy summery hairstyle for your dolls!