Karen here and today I am sharing my recent Fun Under $5 find for my mini doll collection. I love Mini Dolls and as you can see in the photo above I have a few! I am always looking for fun ways to use the mini’s in doll play and my nieces love playing with my Doll’s dolls! I found this fun wooden box with three compartments that were painted with chalkboard paint and realized that this little box would make a great doll shelf and storage option for my mini’s outfits and their books!


This $3 box I was able to purchase at my local dollar store here in Vancouver BC, Canada where I live called Dollarama. Now I know you can find boxes like this in the USA as well so do check your dollar stores and your local craft stores.


How to set the scene: 

I used my American Doll Room back ground in today’s scene but you can use your bedroom wall, a shelf or your own doll house to make this cozy reading nook for your dolls. I removed two of the boxes drawers and turned the box on its end. I added my dolls bean bag chair and gathered all my mini doll books. I placed the other drawers beside the chair, these make great toy boxes!


Next I placed all my mini doll sized books on the top level of the “shelf” and then added back the second drawer. If you have more mini doll books you can fill the “shelf” or put the drawers back in and fill them with your mini doll outfits and accessories. On the top of my shelf I added my Lottie Doll Robot! I love her! The newer mini doll books are much smaller then the hard backed mini doll books that came with the older mini dolls. You can fit them on the shelf as well or display them as I have on the top of the shelf.

Add your doll and her dolls and don’t forget her book to read to them!

I hope that you enjoyed today’s Fun Under $5 doll play find!