Karen here and today on I want to share a fun under $5 craft you can easily make for your dolls. Using items I picked up at my local dollar store I was able to make a three drawer dresser for my dolls that doubles as great storage. This Dresser was only $3 and the paint was $1.25, the paint brush was under a dollar making this craft totally affordable and a great activity for summer camp, parties and rainy day fun.

To make this fun under $5 craft you will need:

  • A small wooden doll size dresser
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Water
  • Small jar or yogurt container to mix the water and the paint
  • Newspaper or something to protect your work surface


Step 1- Cover your work surface and assemble all your supplies. In a jar or yogurt container place equal parts of water and paint, I used about two squirts of paint.

Step 2- Use your paint brush to mix the water and the paint together.


Step 3- Remove the drawers from the dresser and set aside. Dip your paint brush into the pain and make long straight lines on the dresser starting at the top and working your way down. Paint the sides, front and the inside. Set aside to dry.

Step 4- Repeat the same method to each of the drawers fronts, sides and tops. If you like paint the inside of the drawers as well.

Step 5- If you would like a darker look to your dresser, apply a second coat, then allow to dry completely.

Step 6- Once drive place the drawers back in the dresser and put doll items inside. Place in your dolls room or your doll play collection.


I hope you have fun making your own doll dresses with today’s fun under $5 craft!