Accessorize, play with fashion and change things up in your doll wardrobe!

Sew a fur scarf-2

Accessories can be fun to make because they are quicker projects and usually can be made with the left over fabric from other projects or from clothing you are ready to give to the thrift store.

Caroline is wearing a fur scarf that has a touch of gold accenting one side and a fun little bow.  It dresses up her outfit and is cozy for winter.

Sew a fur scarf-3

This scarf is a modified version of a simple scarf I shared how to make last month.  You can find the full tutorial here.

The main difference is that I sewed up this scarf thinner than the first one.

The approximate measurements for this scarf are:

  • Fur- 2″ x 16″
  • Gold- 1″ x 16″ (Mine is a stretch knit fabric but most fabrics would work for this.)

I love the texture that fur adds.  Some tips for working with fur:

  • An easy way to cut the fur for this project is to flip the fabric over and cut it out on the back side.  That way you will get a more accurate measurement.
  • The fur catches in the seams as you sew.  Run a pin gently through the fur to release the fur from the seam.
  • Check to see if your fur has a nap, or a certain direction the fur lays.  If it does plan it into the project. (For example the fur I’m using has clusters that go in different directions, so it does not have a nap in one direction.)

Remember to use 1/4″ seam allowances and you are set to go with the instructions from the first scarf here.

Sew a fur scarf

Finish this look with a bow!  To make the bow, start with a long narrow rectangle of fabric.  Fold the edges over, so they meet in the middle.   Cut a small strip to wrap around the middle, forming the folded strip into a bow.  Stitch or glue the bow together and attach it to the scarf.

Sew a fur scarf-4

Get creative!  Have fun combining different colors and textures when you make your scarf!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Enjoy a little doll sized fashion, your style!