Fun Find: Patriotic Chair

While I was shopping at Joann today for Camp Doll Diaries supplies, I just happened to find the neatest chair for the dolls.

doll chair

Isn’t that cool? It is a patriotic painted, wooden lawn chair that was being sold as “table decor” in the 4th of July picnic grouping at Joann. It was $19.99 but was 50% off and then I had a 40% off one item coupon to go with it.

Ivy thinks the chair is just perfect! It truly looks like it was made for 18″ dolls.

You can see it from the side as well. I love how the paint is distressed as well.

If you happen to be in Joann, look in every aisle – you just never know what you might find that will be a great addition for the dolls.

PS – if you are wondering about that cute picnic table set up – go read this post on Jen’s 100 Directions blog – it will give you a sneak peek of a post coming up later this week.

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  1. Wow! That’s so cute and so adorable I tried to make a chair like that from kkollects video on YouTube! : ]

  2. Very cool! And the price was right, too!

  3. Cute! I go to Joann’s a lot so maybe I will find one like that!

  4. sabrina says:

    Cool! Char,can you check out my pinterest? My pinterest has some entrys for Natalie’s photo contest. My name is Lilyana Gomez(Family said use fake name)! Just look up Lilyana Gomez, and look at my board #CampDollDiaries(My Photos) That is the board with some entrys! Please check Char! Char,Can you comment when you saw this comment and say that you will post my photos off of pinterest?? Please respond Char!!!

  5. Cute!

  6. I love Adarondack (did I spell that right?) chairs, especially doll sized ones! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for one!

  7. i have the same chair in sea blue! how cool!

  8. I saw them and gave them a like.

  9. sabrina says:

    Saw this on Instagram! Unfortunately, I am waaaaay behind on Camp dolldiaries since I was on vacation.

  10. sabrina says:

    Thank you Char! Char,Char,You are my doll lover role model! Char, You are Like a celebrity to me! I am so happy Char! You made my day!!

  11. Madelon says:

    I want that chair!

  12. sabrina says:

    Char,Can you post my photo on Natalie’s photo challenge?(the one from pinterest that you liked)

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Very cool! I should go to my local Joann’s and get one!

  14. Cute find!

  15. That’s a really cute chair. I’ll be sure to check out Joann’s in the future.

  16. Yes, Joann’s has some cute doll stuff!!

  17. I found a couple of old chairs similar to these (painted green and white) at an antique mall recently!! You just never know what you might stumble up on!!!

  18. Very cute! @ Sabrina, I’m also behind… one week in fact…

  19. Cute!!! And it fits perfect!

  20. A-doll-able! :)

  21. WOW – that chair looks perfect for the AG dolls! and Ivy looks so cute in it. Great find! : )

  22. so cute! Where did you find it? I get most of my stuff from Good Will.

  23. Very cute, I will take a look when I go in. Maybe another extra percentage off coupon will come out, which would make it a nice deal!