Fun Find – Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher

Last week I shared with you the new Saige sets from American Girl Craftw/EK Success, well, Madelon found something very similar to the Hot Air Balloon Window Hangers at the Dollar Store…

This suncatcher set comes with the suncatcher, paint and a mini paintbrush – all for a dollar and perfect for the doll room.

Journey Girl Kelsey gives you a good idea as to how big the suncatcher kit is. 

Keep your eyes and mind open when you are out and about shopping – you never know when you might find something unexpected for your dolls!


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  1. lanielover says:

    Firstie! That’s sooo cool!

  2. erin says:


  3. Morgan says:


  4. Jessie says:

    Cute! 😉

  5. Gail says:

    wow that should be fun!

  6. Gabriella says:

    That is so… ADORABLE!!:)

  7. Pretty Irish AG says:


  8. Agirl says:

    When will spolight sites be published?

  9. abbi says:


  10. abbi says:


  11. abbi says:


  12. Char says:

    Spotlight sites are published the 2nd Saturday of the month – so this Saturday 😉

  13. bailey says:

    char did you get my tutorial??

  14. Megan!!!!!! says:

    ohh Sagie! are you going to have fun or what???!!!

  15. N says:

    This is very cute!

    How are the sites chosen?

  16. bailey says:

    yeah how are they chosen??

  17. Ava says:


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  19. bailey says:

    hey char did you get my tutorial??????????????

  20. kananirulz says:

    Char do you mind if I change my email?

  21. Molly W. says:

    This is super cool! If only I weren’t saving up for Saige… :)
    This true story indicates the problem with having a sister who can read your mind (or at least it seems that way sometimes 😉 ).
    Background information: for a late Christmas present, my grandparents gave me and my two older sisters money, which my parents actually have right now. (They’ll buy what we want to get or give us the money when we decide.) So I just recently found a doll on Ebay for $50 that I would like. I asked my mom and she said she just needed to talk to my dad about it.
    So this afternoon my sisters and I went on a walk together, and after they finally guessed it was a doll, one of them said, “AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!” (They know I’ve been wanting one for a while, especially Saige.)
    “No,” I said, very happy that I had probably stumped them.
    “Then it’s an [A Life of Faith] Elsie doll!” she replied.
    *grr!* 😛 I thought they’d at least have to think about it! 😛 Oh and I’ll know Thursday if I get the doll. I’ll be sure to tell all of you! *hopes desperately that no one else bids on it XD* (Sorry for the long and probably very boring comment)

  22. Melon says:

    Cute find! I have to look out for these fun finds.

  23. sabrina says:

    Cool find! I have found a lot of fun finds too!

  24. Alicia says:

    Wow! I find lots of cool things at the dollar store too!

  25. Char says:

    Yes – thank you – I have an idea for how to make it even more realistic so I may share an revised version of it. And of course I will give you credit for the idea.

  26. Char says:

    As I find new sites – some of which are my readers’ sites that they put in the URL spot when leaving comments – I start to read them. If I think everyone else will like them and they have plenty of original content on them, they are spotlight sites.

  27. cordelia says:

    This is a great find, Madelon. Your dolls must become very excited whenever you return from a trip to the dollar store.

  28. Jill says:

    Nice! Today I went to the ag store for the first time in my life in Los Angeles because I live in Scotland and it was amasing and I got saige ,her hot air balloon(I am not aloud to open the hot air balloon till my birthday)kits desk and six outfits but I am not spoilt because I have been Saving up for three years straight and I was so excited (and char the side tie tee has arrived and it is amasing thank you soooooooo much it is gorgeous I will send in photos soon