Madelon is always on the look out for neat items for the dolls and she recently found some cute Easter sweaters for the dolls.

These cute Easter themed sweaters were on sale at A.C. Moore for $2.99. They are sold as sweaters for bears 12″-16″ but would work for a variety of dolls.

The sweater was an easy fit on Kanani.

For our Journey Girl doll it was a little difficult to get over her head, but it worked.

The front of the hanger – as you can see, it is marketed as an item for stuffed animals/teddy bears.

The bear sweater was $2.99 and depending on the coupon, you could get it for even less. 

I bet this would look sweet on a Kidz n Cats doll or even one of the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls dolls – it might be a bit big, but I bet it would still look adorable.

Have you found any unexpected doll finds lately?