Yesterday we were out running errands and Natalie was “channeling” Karen! It was so funny. We were looking in the dining linens area of Bed Bath and Beyond in search of a tablecloth for our real dining table when Natalie spotted these cut-out felt placemats that were on clearance for 99 cents. – she thought it would make the perfect dining room rug for the dolls. Then she saw a pack of bamboo coasters for $1.99 that she thought would make great placemats.

doll placemats

Next we went to Target and in the dollar section we found packages of “food” erasers that are the perfect size for dolls for $1 each. We got one package of fruits and one package of treats.

dollar food for dolls

You can see the new “rug” under the table, the placemats in action and Kit and Chrissa are enjoying their snacks.

doll food

Erin, our Carpatina doll was a little hungry too, so Chrissa gave her a pineapple. The food is a little squishy so the dolls can hold it.

doll food

This is a closer photo of Chrissa’s snack. Yummy!

Keep your eyes open for things you may already have or low cost items in the stores can easily be repurposed into doll items – you just have to be creative!