Morgan is out and about today.  She has brought along her new bag.

It is a great size and has a fashionable flower on the front.

Fun accessories can really dress up an outfit!

Make this ruffle-y flower bag for your dolls!


  • Duck Tape
  • candy wrapper pouch (Or a Capri Sun wrapper or a ziplock bag)
  • jump rings
  • scissors
  • jewels or buttons

For the base of the purse I am using a candy wrapper pouch.  This package is a fun shape and size.  There are many other ways you can make the base of the purse.  You can cover a Capri Sun wrapper, a ziplock bag or even make it out of Duck Tape.

Now let’s make the flower for the front of the bag.  Cut a long strip of Duck Tape.  Fold it lengthwise leaving a 1/4″ adhesive tab on one side.

We are going to cut a scalloped edge along the strip.  To make the edge scalloped cut a notch every 1/2″ to 1″ along the strip.

Work along the scalloped edge folding each scallop into a petal.  My first flower has 4 petals.

Put together 2 more flowers, each with more petals.

Layer the flowers together using a rolled piece of Duck Tape to attach the smallest flower.

Keep making and adding layers until the flower is the size you want.  Mine has 5 layers.  On the backside you can see the adhesive layering together.  This adhesive base makes it stick great to the purse.

This little purse needs a handle.  Cut a strip of tape the length of the handle.  Fold the edge of the tape and cut it off the strip.

Loop the handle through the jump ring and tape it against the handle.  Thread a second strip that is 2″ long through the jump ring and tape it together as pictured above.  You need two handles and each handle needs a jump ring and a small strip on the end.

To attach the handles, tape the small stripes to the purse.

Finish it off with a little sparkle on the flower with adhesive backed jewels.

You can add your own touch using different colors and patterns of Duck Tape!  Embellish the flower center with buttons, beads or stickers!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Morgan is AG #25
  • Outfit-Shirt is a part of the meet outfit for my Madame Alexander doll.  Skirt is made by Anna.  Earrings are Ivy’s.  Headband tutorial is here.

 Fun fashion is only a roll of Duck Tape away!