Here is a quick guest post from Shelby-Grace.

In honor of National Dance Week, (April 25th-May 4th) Kit and I put together a short photo story for you!

Kit was outside, playing with her basset hound, Grace, one sunny spring day. Grace started licking Kit’s hand, making her giggle. A breeze lightly lifted her bob off her shoulders, and it was a perfect spring day. She began daydreaming about the show her ballet school was preforming, with her, Kit Kittredge, at eleven years old, as the lead roll as Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty. If she had the lead roll, she would be the youngest girl in her studio to ever play Aurora. The Sleeping Beauty was a tradition at her studio, and had been going on for many years. Miss Eleanor, Kit’s ballet instructor, said that to be in the cast in the dance, that had to be on time to class that day… Kit jolted out of her daydream into reality: today was the day Miss Eleanor chose the cast, and class was at 2:00 that afternoon, and it was already 1:45! Kit was going to be late if she didn’t hurry!

Kit said goodbye to Grace, grabbed her dance bag and threw in her ballet clothes. She checked her watch: 1:50. It was a five-minute walk to her studio. She had to hurry!

Kit put on her dance clothes and ran into the studio, not a minute late. “I’ve chosen my best dancers to be in the performance,” said Miss Eleanor. She began listing off names, none of which were Kit’s. Kit’s heart sunk: she wasn’t going to be in the show after all! But as the got to the end of the list, she said, “…and Kit Kittredge, you will be Aurora in the show! Good work everyone!”

Thanks for reading my photo story, I hope you enjoyed it!