Saige is right at home with horses and she has loved camp at the ranch this week!  

Her favorite is riding each morning through the meadows and nearby woods.  There is so much to see and it couldn’t be more fun than from atop her horse!  

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-6

Today Saige and the other girl’s in the bunk house are making western style scarfs for their week at the ranch.

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-4

Simple to make, they are a perfect craft for the afternoon.  The fringe scarfs are fun and festive for camp and it’s a style Saige knows she’ll wear at home too!

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-3

Fringe Scarf Instructions


  • fabric scrap
  • scissors

I am using an old t-shirt for the scarf.  You can use a knit (stretchy, like a t-shirt) or a woven (not stretchy) scrap of fabric you have on hand.  Since this is no-sew it is good to note that if you use a woven it will fray (knits don’t typically fray).  It just depends on the look you want and how long you want it to last!

Fold the fabric in half (my fold is on the right).  From the fold cut straight across 10″.  Measure down the fold 5″.  From the bottom mark on the fold cut a straight line to meet the first cut.  You will have a long skinny triangle.

Add fringe, cutting along the last cut from the fold to about 3″ from the end.  My fringe is 1″ long.

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-7

Open up the triangle and you can see the shape of the scarf.  You can also see how forgiving this is because my cuts aren’t perfect but you can’t even tell once you put it on your doll!

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-8

Fold down the top edge and tie the scarf around your dolls neck.

Fringe Scarf for Dolls

A little fun fringe fashion at the ranch and definitely for home!

Fringe Scarf for Dolls-2

This has been Saige’s favorite week of the summer and she’s soaking up every moment she can with the horses!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Saige is GOTY 2013
  • Outfit-Pants from Saige’s sweater outfit.  Shirt is made by Anna.  Boots are from Saige’s meet outfit.
  • Scene– Horse is Our Generation from Target.