Rebecca was busy making bread this week for the farmers market.  


She felt like the little red hen, grinding the wheat, making the dough, and baking the bread, batch after batch.


She is more than excited to “share” her bread with all who pass by her stand.  All it takes is a sample and each customer wants to take home their own loaf!

This summer I’ve been shopping at the farmers market on Saturday mornings.  One of the local farmers has fresh bread for sale along with her herbs, vegetables and fruit.  For fun I wrapped the doll sized bread just like she does at her stand!

To make your own doll size loaves of bread, shape them out of  bake-able clay or salt dough.  You can also bake real bread into mini loaves like mine.  If you let the bread sit out and dry out over a few days it will harden and last a long time.  When the bread is completely dry, after a week, you can spray it with a clear sealer to make it last even longer.  

If you decide to make real bread for these mini loaves use your favorite white or wheat bread recipe!  My loaves are made from a no-knead bread recipe.  You can find the recipe online by searching “no-knead bread”.  I have been making it for years, it is easy to make and yummy.  If you want to, sprinkle the loaves with flour while they rise and you will get the cool crackle effect on the top of the loaves.

Cook a tiny bit of dough in muffin tins to get mini round loaves.  The rest I rolled into little tube shaped loaves. 

Let’s get the bread ready for the market! 

Wrap the bread in a strip of brown paper cut from a brown paper lunch sack or a brown napkin.  Tie it with raffia or a string wrapped around the bread a few times.

Lay out the loaves or stack them together in a basket.

Mmmm, fresh bread, makes a great summer meal with fresh fruit and vegetables you pick up at the farmers market!

Add a few loaves of bread to your farmers market stand, to your bakery and to your pantry for plenty of fun doll play!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Bake, sculpt, play!