One of the very first things I loved about 18″ dolls was fixing their hair.  I taught myself how to french braid on barbie doll hair and I quickly found hairstyles were limited on that small head!  Now with the 18″ dolls there are so many fun hairstyle possibilities!  Today I’m sharing a variation of a braid I did on Julie in last weeks post.  Several of you commented on it and asked about it so I thought I would show you how it’s done!

Headband braids of all kinds are really popular right now.  I have been doing a looser version of this braid on my own hair recently and decided to try it on the dolls.  Some of you asked what the name of the braid is.  I’m not sure about a specific name but it is a modified french braid.

Usually with a french braid you add hair into the strands on both sides as you braid.  With this braid we will only be adding hair on one side.  It will give it the lovely french braid look on the hairline.  This method also keeps the braid more slim because you are not adding in as much hair.  A slimmer braid looks more realistic on the doll!

Let’s get started!

On one side of the part take a piece of hair and divide it into 3 sections to start a french braid.  Start the braid.  We will be adding hair to the strand closest to the hairline.  Gather a little hair from the hairline and add it to that strand.   (In the top photo I started the braid and laid out the strand to be added to, along her face.  In the bottom photo you can see the strand is thicker along her face because I added hair to it from the hairline to continue the braid.)

Continue the braid.  Every time you cross the strands a new strand will be near the hairline.  Add hair from the hairline each time to that strand.  (In the photo above you can see the thicker strand near the hairline crossing over and the new thin strand near the face.)

Continue adding in hair the same way.

Continue the half french braid to the ear.

Continue from the ear as a regular braid.  Add an elastic to the end and braid the second side the same as the first.  Join the two sides together in the back with the same elastic.

The braid looks so lovely along the dolls hairline.

There are so many ways to variate this braid for different looks.  For Julie’s braid last week I didn’t follow her hairline to her ear like today’s braid.  Braiding at a different angle created a different look on the hairline.  This braid is also lovely as a partial braid on one side.  For another look, keep the strands really loose while you braid.  There are so many fun ways to fix your doll’s hair!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Morgan is AG#25
  • Outfit-Bitty Baby Dress and AG Kit’s sweater.
  • Scene-Fence is made by my husband.

Get creative with your doll’s hair!