Free Shipping Code For American Girl

American Girl Free Shipping Code

American Girl does not run free shipping codes very often, but I just got this in my inbox so I figured I would share it with you.

Use the code 173852 to receive free shipping on orders more than $50 through April 1, 2012.

Hmmm, what to get, what to get? I did notice that there are no Spotlight Savings items right now due to the free shipping code being active.

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  1. I just got that in my email, too! I probably won’t order anything though since I am going to an AGP over April vacation. I might get something small, like shoes, though, I will see… 😀

  2. I want Cecile so bad, so I can’t. Saving up for my birthday trip in October!


  3. Anastasia says:

    I won’t need this code because I’m going twice- once in April or May (we haven’t decided the date yet) for my birthday with my best friend and my mom and the second time in June on the way to visit my mom’s side of the family. Both times will be at the Atlanta, GA location. I can’t wait! My only dilemma right now is to decide what to get. : )

  4. Sarah l. says:

    thanks, i love free shipping !!!

  5. my parents are ordering me a myag doll on friday so thnx for the code

  6. Anastasia says:

    Joyce – Which MyAG doll are you planning on getting?

  7. cool but i probaly wont get anything i am saving for my trip to agp nyc in july cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  8. I’m not geting anything. I got too many birthday gifts to get!

  9. makes me love ag more

  10. and i love ag

  11. I bought McKenna!!!! So excited to get her!!!

  12. Gabrielle says:

    i will get marie grace with the free shipping. thxs AG!!!!

  13. Amazing!!!! There is another shipping code too. It’s not for $50 or more it’s p327120
    And then also my birthdays on Thursday!!!!!!! I can’t wait toget my American girl 39 I’m gonna name her Abigail!!!!!!!! Also I just got an I phone and the american girl games r really fun!!!! They r different from the. Computer ones so they r fun because u can only play them on the phone no where else!!!!!!

  14. The shipping code is from the magazine it’s good till April 1st like the other one

  15. Hmmmmmmmmm don’t know probably no because Im ordering mag 23 a blythe wig fri and my mom got this to interesting

  16. im going to get something