Hey! Natalie here with a new photo story for you! Sonali and Chrissa went to watch the fireworks. Let’s see what happened…

“Isn’t this nice? Oh! That one was shaped like a heart!” Sonali exclaimed while watching the fireworks.

“Yeah it is alright. I wish there was one shaped like a soccer ball!” Chrissa replied.

“Speaking of… Wanna see the trick I learned at soccer camp?!” Chrissa asked.

“Shouldn’t you go do that in the grass?” Sonali said skeptically.Β 

“No! We will be fine. It is better on concrete anyways.” Chrissa said mindlessly.

“Eh.. A little here.. A little there… KICK!” Chrissa yelled while kicking the ball.

“NO! This is not how it worked at camp!” Chrissa whined.

“It’s okay.. I have a plan.” Sonali said.

“AHHH! This was the plan?!” Chrissa was freaking out.

“Yes, but it is alright. I will catch you if you fall!” Sonali said calmly.

“Well I am glad we got the ball!” Chrissa said cheerfully as the last firework went off, “Oh… I am so sorry Sonali. I know you were excited to watch that show.”

“Don’t worry about it Chrissa. I sure there will be another show sometime this week!” Sonali smiled. The two girls packed up and headed back inside for dinner while chattering away about the crazy chaos that just happened.

Happy Fourth of July!

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!