I have a case of the Fridays, and while I am working on posting another giveaway for you this afternoon, I needed to procrastinate a break first 😉 I find doing doll hair to be very relaxing and when I saw this cool four strand braid photo on Pinterest, I just had to try it.

How to do a 4 strand Sailor Sweetheart braid

It is called the Sailor’s Sweetheart four strand braid and when you click on the image on Pinterest it goes to a site that no longer exists. Luckily the “how to” photos are pretty clear and did the job. Divide your doll’s hair into four pieces and follow the steps above. You may want to practice with four different colors of yarn first, but it was easier than I thought.

The result of my first effort:

Braided hairstyle for Kanani

This style really works well on Kanani for the obvious reason that her hair is soooo long. Another reason is that Kanani’s hair has some curl to it which means the braid is less likely to slip while you are working with it. 

Ellowyne with four strand braid

And Ellowyne Positively Negative also had her hair done. Ellowynes with really long hair (most of them) are perfect for these fun hairstyles. Even though her  hair is straight and very long, once I spritzed it with water it was super easy to work with.

Ok, back to work for me! I think you will really like our next giveaway. Be sure to check the sidebar of the site and enter any of the current giveaways you may have missed.