For the Love of Peter Rabbit

“Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter.”  And so goes one of my favorite stories of all time from Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Every year around Easter, the characters from the Peter Rabbit collection reappear and then slowly fade into the background again.

One of our contributors, Madelon and I just realized that we each have one of the Peter Rabbit Barbies – one was made in 1997-98 and the other was for the 100th anniversary of Peter Rabbit in 2002. I have the earlier doll and she has the most recent one.

Barbie® and The Tale of Peter Rabbit™

This one is mine – it is from 1997-98 and is Barbie and the Tale of Peter Rabbit. Aunt Kay gave it to me the first time we visited because she remembered that I have a collection of Beatrix Potter things and that I had made a complete Peter Rabbit nursery set for my kids when they were born.

Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter collection

And this is part of my Beatrix Potter collection.  From left to right – a collectible Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny tin of books I picked up at an antique store, my Peter Rabbit by Wedgewood Tea Set, Peter Rabbit two handled cup and bowl also by Wedgewood, my Benjamin Bunny music box, and two Easter treat containers with Peter Rabbit on them that I found at Target of all places. I do have more in my collection, but this is all I have displayed at the moment.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit™! Barbie® Doll 2002

This is Madelon’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit™  Barbie® Doll which is also known as the 2002 100th Anniversary of Peter Rabbit Barbie.

Peter Rabbit Tea Party

Madelon found a cute Peter Rabbit tea set at Tuesday Morning for $15 that her daughter Emily’s dolls Marie-Grace and Elizabeth are enjoying on a sunny day.

If you have a love of Beatrix Potter and her illustrations, you can find quite a few Peter Rabbit and Friends coloring pages on the Beatrix Potter World site.

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  1. Isabella says:

    Thats cool! I like the dress in the older barbie though. And firstie!!

  2. thats so cute Char and seconedie!

  3. Abigail says:

    Those dolls are beautiful! I love Peter Rabbit. :) and thirdie!

  4. what is that dress mariegrace is wearing?

  5. Beatrice Potter is one of my favorite children’s author. The Tale of Peter Rabbit is one of my favorite tales. I know it by heart, I have read it so many times aloud to many children.

  6. marie is wearing her mardi-gras dress also known as the “fancy dress” to american girl. By the way i love peter the rabit. i have doll sized collections of the Beatrix Potter

  7. Anastasia says:

    I really like the newer dress, but both dresses are lovely. : )

  8. Woah! I LOVE the Tale of Peter Rabbit sooo much. It probably appeals to me a little more so cause my favorite animal is a bunny and I have three here at home who I love too much!

    Oh little Peter rabbit… Oh little Peter rabbit… Got the song in my head!

  9. And I would order one now, but I am saving up for a new American Girl doll. But I am going to my Grandma’s for Easter so I’m gonna print out some coloring pages for the ride!

  10. Gail – Marie grace is wearing the masquerade ball gown from Marie grace and Ceciles collection

  11. Cool I wanted that barbie so much funny you posted this I’m reading a Beatrix poter treasury at the moment gah we just had a huge wet dump of snow 25 centimeters!It made great snow men

  12. Cool! I got a porcelain rabbit doll last year. One of 500. It’s a Carollyne Elle I think. She is so pretty!

  13. I never liked the story but I love the book illustrations.