The Harry Potter fever has hit my house!  My 9 year old daughter has read all the books and we have had many family movie nights watching the movies.   I worked with several Santa helpers from Etsy to pull off a Christmas surprise that left her speechless! 


My daughter’s favorite character is Hermione Granger.  This adorable uniform was purchased from the Etsy store called LazyBThreads:  The purchase from this shop included the white dress shirt, tie, sweater jacket, skirt, panties, socks, cloak, sorting hat, and broom.  The owner, Buffy, was great to work with and offered a discount if multiple purchased were made together.  Her items are very well made.  I love all the detail she puts into her work.   The scarf was purchased from Etsy shop called littlefroggies: .  The scarf is well made and fits nicely around the dolls neck; it is the perfect length.


Ginny’s and Hermione’s Yule Ball Gowns are FABULOUS!  These two gowns were purchased from Etsy shop DressMeMagic: .  My daughter’s and I love these gowns.  They are made of high quality fabric and are durable for play. They truly match the description from the books and the dresses from the movies perfectly.

 The doll sized Harry Potter trunk was purchased from an  Etsy shop called PocketParchment: .  This trunk was packed full of Harry Potter doll sized accessories, which included: chocolate frog cards, sorcerer’s stone, one wand (ordered a second one for my other daughter), potions, Gringott’s key, Divination Crystal Ball, Daily Prophets papers, quil, OWLs results, homework folder, cauldron, and Mrs. Weasley’s postcard letter.  That is a ton of accessories!!  A trapped Rita Skeeter beetle was an additional purchase from this shop.

 I love all of the special details that the PocketParchment put into the trunk set.  My daughters have had a blast playing with the sorting hat from LazyBThreads .  The owl is a mini Ty stuffed toy.  I cut off the string and hook that was attached to it; I believe it was supposed to be hooked to a book bag. 

My only craft project for this display was redoing Hedwig’s cage.  The cage was found in the discount bins at my Michael’s craft store; it was initially a bright orange.  I spray painted the cage gold and then sponge painted a watered down brown acrylic paint over the gold.  I think it turned out very rustic and Potterish!  Haha

The doll modeling the Ginny Weasley Yule Ball Gown is American Girl doll, Emily.  The doll modeling the Hermione’s Gryffindor uniform is American Girl doll #39.  I think AG Rebecca would make a great Hermione too.

 Craft on!!  Brandy