Felicity Available at American Girl Tyson’s for Limited Time

American Girl Felicity doll

In celebration of the American Girl Washington DC’s location in Tyson’s Corner Center in Mclean, VA, Felicity is available for purchase until July 23, 2011. This special collection is $100 and includes the Felicity doll in her purple and white striped meet dress, Meet Felicity: An American Girl : 1774 paperback book, Felicity’s accessories, and Felicity Play Scenes & Paper Dolls.

If you can not get to the Tyson’s Corner store, you can still call the Personal Shopping department at the store and have them ship the order to you. If you always wanted Felicity and did get a chance to get her before she was archived, this is most likely your last opportunity for a while.

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  1. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I wish I can get her

  2. Sweet! fIST PUMP!

  3. TODAYS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Cami !

  5. Happy bday Cami

  6. great picture thank you, but 1 question- even if you live on the other side of the country from this store, can you still order this special Felicity package from a personal shopper?

  7. Happy birthday Cami!!!!!!!!!!! OMG since i got into AG i have wanted Elizabeth do they have her there?

  8. No Elizabeth, just Felicity.

  9. Yes, you just call the store and you can order it direct.

  10. Thank you.

  11. Happy Birthday Cami!

  12. Lissete says:

    Happy birthday, Cami! I already have Felecity. I wish Kirsten would come back. :(

  13. Happy Birthday Cami!This deserves a jolly song!

    cha cha cha
    cha cha cha
    cha cha cha
    cha cha cha

  14. Danielle says:

    where can i find the # 2 call 2 order her or can someone give it 2 me

  15. Thanks!

  16. This is the number on the AG website – call 877-247-5223.

  17. Happy Birthday Cami!!!! Thats great for the people who didn’t get a chance to get Felicity.

  18. Pretty Irish AG says:

    You know, this is a better value, you get the doll for $67.05

  19. Danielle says:

    thnx char

  20. Only $67.05. AG dolls are $100. I would get Felicity, but I am saving for Kanani.

  21. If its $67.05 then how come the sign says $100?or is that just for the doll?

  22. Pretty Irish AG says:

    The doll costs 67.05. I subtracted the rest of the stuff

  23. Gabrielle says:

    happpy birthday Cami i wish i could get felicity but on the bright side I am getting Kanani. So that will be five AG dolls for me! Chrissa, Rebbeca,Josefina,Addy and soon Kanani. Have a good birthday

  24. i have felicity and shes beautiful. gabrielle, you can never have to many dolls so mabey you could get both. i have 5 dolls including josefina and im planning to get a my american girl or marie-grace.

  25. oh and happy birthday cami i hope you had plenty of fun!!! : ) <3

  26. is it only felicity
    or is it the doll
    and the rest of the clothes

    american girl achived all the good dolls
    samantha, felicity, elizabeth

  27. You can only get it as this set – none of her other archived items are available.

  28. I wish Elizabeth was available. I already have Felicity, but not Elizabeth. And would it kill them to do that with Samantha and Kirsten, too?

  29. I just got off the phone with Lisa, the personal shopper at AG Tysons Corner. She was very helpful and my Felicity doll is being shipped tomorrow. Thank you to Lisa!!

  30. Bridget says:

    Wow I can’t believe Felicity is being released for a limited time!I already have Felicity,but to whoever does not have her…GET HER GET HER GET HER!!!!!!You won’t regret it!

  31. Bridget says:

    Happy “late” Birthday Cami! I meant to say that on my previous post put already clicked “post comment”,hope it was fun!!!

  32. How do you order her???? do you call the AG and say ” i would like to order Felicity’s special collection” ??????? Please HELP!!

  33. Yes, Maggie, that is what you do.